2018 Special Session I

Budget Bill - HB5001 (Enrolled)

Mental Health Treatment Centers

Item 320

Item 320 (Not set out)

First Year - FY2017Second Year - FY2018
Facility Administrative and Support Services (49800)$99,978,035$100,223,494
General Management and Direction (49801)FY2017 $45,284,894FY2018 $45,523,263
Information Technology Services (49802)FY2017 $4,464,339FY2018 $4,471,429
Food and Dietary Services (49807)FY2017 $13,392,918FY2018 $13,392,918
Housekeeping Services (49808)FY2017 $7,987,526FY2018 $7,987,526
Linen and Laundry Services (49809)FY2017 $1,625,663FY2018 $1,625,663
Physical Plant Services (49815)FY2017 $20,487,841FY2018 $20,487,841
Power Plant Operation (49817)FY2017 $4,146,117FY2018 $4,146,117
Training and Education Services (49825)FY2017 $2,588,737FY2018 $2,588,737
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2017 $85,682,741FY2018 $85,908,944
SpecialFY2017 $14,231,794FY2018 $14,251,050
Federal TrustFY2017 $63,500FY2018 $63,500