2018 Special Session I

Budget Bill - HB5001 (Chapter 1)

Department of State Police

Item 422

Item 422 (Not set out)

First Year - FY2017Second Year - FY2018
Information Technology Systems, Telecommunications and Records Management (30200)$55,315,883$54,189,854
Information Technology Systems and Planning (30201)FY2017 $15,390,048FY2018 $13,300,827
Criminal Justice Information Services (30203)FY2017 $8,417,204FY2018 $8,808,061
Telecommunications and Statewide Agencies Radio System (STARS) (30204)FY2017 $26,787,280FY2018 $27,409,122
Firearms Purchase Program (30206)FY2017 $1,594,585FY2018 $1,544,881
Sex Offender Registry Program (30207)FY2017 $2,835,604FY2018 $2,835,699
Concealed Weapons Program (30208)FY2017 $291,162FY2018 $291,264
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2017 $47,283,374FY2018 $46,157,345
SpecialFY2017 $3,555,913FY2018 $3,555,913
Dedicated Special RevenueFY2017 $3,716,561FY2018 $3,716,561
Federal TrustFY2017 $760,035FY2018 $760,035