2017 Session

Budget Bill - SB900 (Introduced)

Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs

Item 467

Item 467

First Year - FY2017Second Year - FY2018
Economic Development Services (53400)$600,000$600,000
Financial Assistance for Economic Development (53410)FY2017 $600,000FY2018 $600,000
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2017 $600,000FY2018 $600,000

A.1. Any administrative reappropriations or other administrative appropriation increases pursuant to Item 458 of the Appropriation Act for the 2014-2016 biennium to address the encroachment of incompatible uses in localities in which the United States Navy Master Jet Base, an auxiliary landing field, or United States Air Force Base are located shall continue to be governed by the provisions contained in the 2014-2016 Appropriation Act. The recurring, dedicated special (nongeneral) fund component of the U.S. Navy Master Jet Base and Auxiliary Landing Field encroachment mitigation program is continued through June 30, 2018.

2. In the event that dedicated special revenues generated pursuant to the provisions of the 2014-16 Appropriations Act exceed the amounts needed to fund the requirements set out in that Act, any excess dedicated special fund revenue up to $2,500,000 is hereby appropriated to provide additional assistance to the locality in which the United States Navy Master Jet Base auxiliary landing field is located for the purpose of purchasing property or development rights and otherwise converting such property to an appropriate compatible use and prohibiting new uses or development which is deemed incompatible with air operations arising from such Master Jet Base.

B. Included in this appropriation is $600,000 in the first year and $600,000 in the second year from the general fund to support the recommendations of the Governor's Commission on Military Installations and Defense Activities.

C. The Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs may submit project requests that improve, expand, develop, or redevelop a federal or state military installation or its supporting infrastructure, to enhance its military value to the MEI Project Approval Commission established pursuant to § 30-309, Code of Virginia. The Commission shall recommend approval or denial of such packages to the General Assembly. The authority of the Commission to consider and evaluate such projects shall be in addition to the authorities provided to the MEI Project Approval Commission and § 30-310, Code of Virginia.