2017 Session

Budget Bill - HB1500 (Reenrolled)

Department of Military Affairs

Item C-34.50

Item C-34.50

A. The Department of Military Affairs (DMA) and the Department of General Services (DGS) shall evaluate the use of real property under the possession and control of the DMA, consistent with the respective obligations of such departments under § 2.2-1153, Code of Virginia, and shall develop a strategic plan for use, sale or disposal of any such real property that is deemed to be surplus to the DMA's current or proposed needs. The strategic plan will include recommendations for the management and use of revenue generated, if any, from the sale of DMA state-owned surplus real property.

B. With respect to Readiness Centers, such plan shall be consistent with the DMA Readiness Center Transformation Master Plan, as approved by the federal National Guard Bureau, in order to achieve the objectives of the transformation plan. Any such surplus real property being considered for sale or disposal shall be disposed of in accordance with § 2.2-1150 or § 2.2-1156, Code of Virginia, for not less than fair market value as supported by more than one appraisal performed by independent appraisers licensed as Virginia Certified General Real Estate Appraisers. The DGS shall be responsible for obtaining and reviewing such appraisals, and provide the results of the appraisals, with a recommendation of the fair market value of the appraised real property based upon such appraisals, to the DMA. The DMA will be responsible to fund the cost to obtain the required appraisals. The DGS will obtain such appraisals at the expense of the DMA only upon approval by the Adjutant General.