2016 Session

Budget Bill - HB29 (Introduced)

Virginia Port Authority

Item 456

Item 456 (Not set out)

First Year - FY2015Second Year - FY2016
Administrative and Support Services (69900)$75,642,073$95,271,634
General Management and Direction (69901)FY2015 $65,170,961FY2016 $84,800,522
Security Services (69923)FY2015 $10,471,112FY2016 $10,471,112
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2015 $193FY2016 $227
SpecialFY2015 $74,341,880FY2016 $93,971,407
Commonwealth TransportationFY2015 $1,300,000FY2016 $1,300,000

Authority: Title 62.1, Chapter 10, Code of Virginia.

A. Out of the amounts in this Item, the Executive Director is authorized to expend from special funds amounts not to exceed $37,500 the first year and $37,500 the second year, for entertainment expenses commonly borne by businesses. Further, such expenses shall be recorded separately by the agency.

B. Prior to purchasing airline and hotel accommodations related to overseas travel, the Virginia Port Authority shall provide an itemized list of projected costs for review by the Secretary of Transportation.

C. It is hereby acknowledged that, in accordance with §§ 62.1-128 and 62.1-147.2, Code of Virginia, in FY 2010, the Port Authority entered into a 20-year lease to operate a privately owned marine terminal in Portsmouth.  Included in this Item is an amount estimated at $56,950,000 the first year and $58,650,000 the second year from special funds to cover the costs of this lease.