2016 Session

Budget Bill - HB29 (Introduced)

Department of Emergency Management

Item 393

Item 393 (Not set out)

First Year - FY2015Second Year - FY2016
Emergency Preparedness (77500)$29,239,033$29,164,286
Financial Assistance for Emergency Management and Response (77501)FY2015 $20,334,681FY2016 $20,334,681
Emergency Training and Exercises (77502)FY2015 $8,904,352FY2016 $8,829,605
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2015 $1,506,080FY2016 $1,431,333
SpecialFY2015 $1,363,518FY2016 $1,363,518
Federal TrustFY2015 $26,369,435FY2016 $26,369,435

Authority: Title 44, Chapters 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, §§ 44-146.13 through 44-146.28:1 and 44-146.31 through 44-146.40, Code of Virginia.

A. Included within this appropriation is the continuation of $160,810 the first year and $160,810 the second year from the Fire Programs Fund to support the department's hazardous materials training program.

B. Included in this appropriation is $99,762 the first year and $133,015 the second year from the general fund that shall be used by the Department of Emergency Management to establish a sheltering coordinator position.  The purpose of this position is to improve the safety and security of the citizens of the Commonwealth upon evacuation and subsequent housing in a local or state shelter. The Coordinator shall be responsible for, but not be limited to, improving and coordinating the Commonwealth's sheltering preparedness and capabilities in the event of evacuations due to natural or man-made disasters by reviewing, evaluating and developing a state-wide master plan for the operation of state and local emergency shelters in the Commonwealth. The Coordinator shall establish an integrated system for coordinating the planning and operation of state emergency shelters, and facilitate cooperation among local entities and state agencies in the sheltering preparedness efforts in the Commonwealth. By October 1 of each year, the Coordinator shall provide a status report on the Commonwealth's emergency shelter capabilities and readiness to the Governor, the Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs, the Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security, the Director of the Department of Planning and Budget, and the Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees.