2009 Session

Budget Bill - HB1600 (Chapter 781)

Department of Conservation and Recreation

Item C-110

Item C-110

First Year - FY2009Second Year - FY2010
Acquisition: Preservation of Open Space and Historic Resources Through Conservation (17597)$30,000,000$0
Fund Sources:  
Bond ProceedsFY2009 $30,000,000FY2010 $0

Included in this appropriation is funding for projects involving the acquisition of land for the purposes of conservation, open space and historic preservation, such land to be held by or on behalf of or for the benefit of the Commonwealth, its agencies or public bodies, including but not limited to the Department of Conservation and Recreation, the Department of Forestry, and the Virginia Outdoors Foundation.  The Secretary of Natural Resources, and where applicable the Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry, shall be consulted prior to any acquisition funded through this project.