2008 1

Budget Bill - SB30 (Introduced)

Item 213 Amendments

First Year - FY2009Second Year - FY2010
Member Request
213#1sFund Dental Hygiene Associate Degree Program at Thomas Nelson Community College$1,200,000$1,200,000
213#2sSupplement Nursing Pilot Program at Southside Virginia Community College$150,000$150,000
213#3sFund Cost of In-State Tuition for Military Dependents in Community Colleges$1,423,994$1,423,994
213#4sFund Operation and Maintenance Costs for New Buildings Coming On-Line$3,394,881$5,701,310
213#5sFund Campus Safety and Security$3,385,500$2,083,980
213#6sSupport Enrollment Growth$26,062,554$26,062,554
213#7sAuthorize Increase in Lease Area for NVCC (Language Only)
Committee Approved
213#1sVCCS - Retain Partial Base Adequacy Funding-$2,053,074-$2,053,074
213#2sVCCS - Retain Partial Funding for Career Coaches and Middle College Programs-$924,136-$924,137
Conference Report
213#1cVCCS - Retain Partial Base Adequacy Funding-$3,753,107-$3,753,107
213#2cVCCS - Restore Partial Funding for Nursing Workforce$250,000$250,000
213#3cVCCS - Defer Funding for Career Coaches and Middle College Programs-$1,848,273-$1,848,273
213#4cVCCS - Defer Funding for VIMSIM-$200,000-$200,000
213#5cVCCS - Faculty Split Language (Language Only)