2006 Special Session I

Budget Bill - HB5002 (Chapter 3)

Department of Health

Item 292

Item 292

First Year - FY2007Second Year - FY2008
Community Health Services (44000)$220,959,335$221,094,335
Local Dental Services (44002)FY2007 $8,623,047FY2008 $8,623,047
Restaurant and Food Safety, Well and Septic Permitting and other Environmental Health Services (44004)FY2007 $36,699,744FY2008 $36,699,744
Local Family Planning Services (44005)FY2007 $17,240,844FY2008 $17,240,844
Support for Local Management, Business, and Facilities (44009)FY2007 $46,151,555FY2008 $46,286,555
Local Maternal and Child Health Services (44010)FY2007 $41,875,381FY2008 $41,875,381
Local Immunization Services (44013)FY2007 $8,598,907FY2008 $8,598,907
Local Communicable Disease Investigation, Treatment, and Control (44014)FY2007 $17,819,244FY2008 $17,819,244
Local Home Health and Personal Care Services (44015)FY2007 $5,579,935FY2008 $5,579,935
Local Chronic Disease and Prevention Control (44016)FY2007 $11,807,277FY2008 $11,807,277
Local Laboratory and Pharmacy Services (44017)FY2007 $10,272,548FY2008 $10,272,548
Local Nutrition Services (44018)FY2007 $16,290,853FY2008 $16,290,853
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2007 $90,840,976FY2008 $90,975,976
SpecialFY2007 $94,927,423FY2008 $94,927,423
Dedicated Special RevenueFY2007 $1,195,138FY2008 $1,195,138
Federal TrustFY2007 $33,995,798FY2008 $33,995,798

Authority: §§ 32.1-11 through 32.1-12, 32.1-31, 32.1-145 through 32.1-147, 32.1-163 through 32.1-176, 32.1-198 through 32.1-211, 32.1-246, and 35.1-1 through 35.1-26, Code of Virginia; Title V of the U.S. Social Security Act; and Title X of the U.S. Public Health Service Act.

A. Notwithstanding § 32.1-163 through § 32.1-176, Code of Virginia, the Commissioner of Health shall increase, by no more than $37.50, those existing fees associated with the application for a construction permit for private wells, on-site sewage systems, and alternative discharging systems.

B. The Commissioner of Health is authorized to develop, in consultation with the regulated entities, a plan and specification review fee and an annual permit renewal fee, each not to exceed $40 per year, to be collected from all establishments, except K-12 public schools, that are subject to inspection by the Department of Health pursuant to §§ 35.1-13, 35.1-14, 35.1-16, and 35.1-17, Code of Virginia; however, any such establishment that is subject to any health permit fee, application fee, inspection fee, risk assessment fee or similar fee imposed by any locality as of January 1, 2002, shall be subject to this annual permit renewal fee only to the extent that the Department of Health fee and the locally imposed fee, when combined, do not exceed $40. This fee structure shall be subject to the approval of the Secretary of Health and Human Resources.

C. Out of this appropriation, $100,000 the first year and $100,000 the second year from the general fund shall be provided to the Virginia Department of Health to provide case management services to pregnant women in rural communities who lose obstetrical services.

D. In the event that the City of Suffolk or the City of Portsmouth begins construction of a new human services building to be jointly occupied by local health and human services agencies, the Commissioner of Health may request that the Governor include funding for the state's share of the local health department's cost of leasing space in the facility during the development of the next budget. When preparing the budget, the Governor may consider the Commissioner's request for funding the state share of lease costs for the space occupied by the Suffolk or Portsmouth local health department in the newly constructed facility.