2004 2

Budget Bill - SB5001 (Introduced)

Item 147 Amendments

First Year - FY2005Second Year - FY2006
Committee Approved
147#1sIncreased Sales Tax Revenue$10,322,268$12,724,788
Conference Report
147#1cSales Tax Distribution from HB 246 Prepaid Telephone Calling Cards$260,000$260,000
147#2cSales Tax Distribution from Elimination of Certain Sales Tax Exemptions$17,685,714$21,285,714
147#3cSales Tax Distribution from Revised Baseline Estimates$8,333,333$10,000,000
147#4cSOQ/Local Real Estate Property Tax Relief$83,500,000$105,350,000
147#5cSales Tax Distribution from Cigarette Sales$1,728,935$2,085,788
147#6cTechnical - Effect of Change in VRS Rate (SOQ Remediation) on Lottery Split (Language Only)