2004 Special Session I

Budget Bill - HB5001 (Introduced)

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Virginia Military Institute

Item 237

Item 237

First Year - FY2005Second Year - FY2006
Educational and General Programs (10000)$23,286,222$23,287,948
Higher Education Instruction (100101)FY2005 $11,796,992FY2006 $11,796,992
Higher Education Public Services (100103)FY2005 $53,950FY2006 $53,950
Higher Education Academic Support (100104)FY2005 $3,925,253FY2006 $3,925,253
Higher Education Student Services (100105)FY2005 $1,712,326FY2006 $1,712,326
Higher Education Institutional Support (100106)FY2005 $2,813,651FY2006 $2,815,377
Operation and Maintenance of Plant (100107)FY2005 $2,984,050FY2006 $2,984,050
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2005 $8,889,387FY2006 $8,891,113
Higher Education OperatingFY2005 $14,166,835FY2006 $14,166,835
Debt ServiceFY2005 $230,000FY2006 $230,000

Authority: Title 23, Chapter 10, Code of Virginia.

Out of this appropriation, the expenditure of $347,050 the first year and $347,050 the second year from the general fund and $606,835 the first year and $606,835 the second year from nongeneral funds to address base operating needs and student enrollment, improve degree completion, and expand research capacity is contingent upon the passage into law of the provisions contained in Enactment Nos. 2, 3 and 5 of Part 5 of introduced House Bill 30/Senate Bill 30 of the 2004 Session. The allotment of these funds is subject to the purposes and conditions described in Item 135, paragraph D.