2003 Session

Budget Bill - HB1400 (Introduced)

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Department of General Services

Item 75

Item 75

First Year - FY2003Second Year - FY2004
Physical Plant Acquisition and Construction (72700)$2,885,667
Acquisition (72701)FY2003 $572,149
FY2004 $572,149
Engineering and Architectural Review, Design, and Advisory Services (72703)FY2003 $2,313,518
FY2004 $2,223,518
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2003 $2,660,231
FY2004 $2,660,231
SpecialFY2003 $225,436FY2004 $135,436

Authority: Title 2.2, Chapter 11, Article 4, Code of Virginia.

A. On or before November 1, 2002, the Director of the Department of General Services shall provide a plan to the Governor and to the Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees on the implementation of an internal service fund for operation of the Bureau of Capital Outlay Management. The plan shall include an explanation of the proposed rate structure and evaluation criteria.

B. The Bureau of Capital Outlay Management is authorized to recover from capital projects the increased cost for fire inspection services in an amount not to exceed $90,000 for fiscal year 2003.

C. The Physical Plant Acquisition and Construction program includes an internal service fund to support the Bureau of Capital Outlay Management. This internal service fund shall consist of the fees imposed upon state agencies and institutions of higher education for the review of capital outlay projects’ architectural, mechanical, and life safety plans. The estimated total amount to be collected by this fund is $960,000 in the first year and $1,921,000 in the second year. With the prior approval of the Secretary of Finance, the State Comptroller shall provide a treasury loan of up to $960,000 to the agency in the first year to provide for the costs of implementing this internal service fund.