2002 Session

Budget Bill - HB30 (Introduced)

Department of Juvenile Justice

Item 446

Item 446

First Year - FY2003Second Year - FY2004
Financial Assistance for Confinement in Local Facilities (35600)$32,460,172$37,615,480
Financial Assistance for Juvenile Confinement in Local Facilities (35602)FY2003 $32,460,172FY2004 $37,615,480
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2003 $31,508,185FY2004 $36,663,493
Federal TrustFY2003 $951,987FY2004 $951,987

Authority: §§ 16.1-233 through 16.1-238, 16.1-274, 16.1-322.1 and 66-14, Code of Virginia.

A. From July 1, 2002 to June 30, 2004, the Board of Juvenile Justice shall not approve or commit additional funds for the state share of the cost of construction, enlargement or renovation of a local or regional detention centers, group homes or related facilities. The Board may grant exceptions only to address emergency maintenance projects needed to resolve immediate life safety issues. For such emergency projects, approval by both the Board of Juvenile Justice and the Secretary of Public Safety is required. Any emergency projects must also comply with Board of Juvenile Justice standards.

B. Each emergency resolution adopted by the Board of Juvenile Justice approving reimbursement of the state share of the cost of construction, maintenance, or operation of local or regional detention centers, group homes, or related facilities or programs shall include a statement noting that such approval is subject to the availability of funds and approval by the General Assembly at its next regular session.

C. The Department of Juvenile Justice shall reimburse localities, pursuant to § 66-15, Code of Virginia, at the rate of $50 per day for housing juveniles who have been committed to the Department, for each day after the Department has received a valid commitment order and other pertinent information as required by § 16.1-287, Code of Virginia.

D. Notwithstanding the provisions of § 16.1-322.1 of the Code of Virginia, the Department shall apportion to localities the amounts appropriated in this item.