2002 Session

Budget Bill - HB29 (Chapter 814)

Division of Institutions

Item 450

Item 450 (Not set out)

First Year - FY2001Second Year - FY2002
Administrative and Support Services (37900)$209,345,201$212,172,081
General Management and Direction (37901)FY2001 $46,375,319FY2002 $46,404,655
Filtration and Treatment Plant Operation (37906)FY2001 $4,148,244FY2002 $4,150,757
Food and Dietary Services (37907)FY2001 $46,824,122FY2002 $48,333,845
Linen and Laundry Services (37909)FY2001 $3,324,394FY2002 $3,324,819
Medical and Clinical Services (37910)FY2001 $62,148,705FY2002 $63,417,897
Physical Plant Services (37915)FY2001 $39,641,608FY2002 $39,653,331
Power Plant Operation (37917)FY2001 $5,315,199FY2002 $5,317,980
Recreation Services (37921)FY2001 $1,567,610FY2002 $1,568,797
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2001 $188,777,789FY2002 $192,365,884
SpecialFY2001 $20,567,412FY2002 $19,806,197

Authority: §§ 19.2-311, 53.1-12, 53.1-19, 53.1-32, and 53.1-33, Code of Virginia.

A. Such funds as may be required for the Department's operation of its telemedicine program shall be provided from appropriations for medical and clinical services and any inmate fees collected for medical services.

B.1. Included in this appropriation is $103,701,170 from the general fund and $13,295,823 from nongeneral funds in the first year and $107,217,591 $104,214,558 from the general fund and $12,527,824 from nongeneral funds in the second year for direct support of persons incarcerated in facilities operated by the Department of Corrections. The sources of the nongeneral funds are $316,000 from the Corrections Special Reserve Fund in the first year; $12,979,823 the first year and $12,527,824 the second year from the Contract Prisoners Special Revenue Fund. The level of funding is based on the projected average daily population of those facilities.

2. The appropriation reduction in this Item is pursuant both to productivity savings reflected in Item 541 of this act and savings pursuant to Executive Order 74(01) reflected in Item 543.05 of this act.

C. The Department shall reduce food inventory on-hand to an average 30-day supply beginning July 1, 2000, and an average 14-day supply beginning July 1, 2001.