2014 Session

Budget Amendments - HB30 (Member Request)

Chief Patron: Peace
Woodhaven Shores Dam

Item 360 #4h

Item 360 #4h

First Year - FY2015 Second Year - FY2016
Natural Resources
Conservation and Recreation, Department of FY2015 $300,000 FY2016 $0 GF

Page 299, line 34, strike "$72,540,947" and insert "$72,840,947".
Page 300, after line 29, insert:
"4.  The Director, Department of Conservation and Recreation, in consultation with the Virginia Resources Authority, is authorized to make cost effective financing available to New Kent County or the dam owner for modifications necessary for Woodhaven Shores to meet dam safety requirements and to reduce the potential loss of life and damage to downstream property for this high hazard dam, with an inundation zone containing multiple dwellings and a major state highway.  Notwithstanding § 10.1-603.19, Code of Virginia, such authority may be used to provide financial or other assistance from the Dam Safety, Flood Prevention and Protection Assistance Fund including the provision of a grant not to exceed $300,000."

(This amendment provides $300,000 from the general fund in the second year to rehabilitate the Woodhaven Shores Dam, located in New Kent County. Woodhaven Shores Dam's spillway cannot contain the proper storm event to prevent premature failure and overtopping of Route 60. To upgrade the dam and meet state requirements for public safety, the top of the dam must be made level by applying 1 to 2 feet of fill on top of the dam. This will also involve replacing the existing road on top of the dam and doing maintenance repairs on the spillways. When this work is completed the dam should be sufficient to prevent a dam failure causing premature flooding of the hurricane evacuation route at this location. Route 60 is just downstream of Woodhaven Dam and would be flooded if the dam were to fail. Route 60 is a hurricane evacuation route for the peninsula and its flooding makes the Woodhaven Dam a high hazard dam. In addition, Woodhaven's engineer has stated the primary spillway, riser, and conduit need to be repaired.)