2014 Session

Budget Amendments - HB30 (Member Request)

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Chief Patron: Pogge
Modify Mental Health Skill Building Service Requirements to Allow for Assessment Similary to VICAP (language only)

Item 301 #37h

Item 301 #37h

Health and Human Resources
Medical Assistance Services, Department of

Page 264, after line 26, insert:
"FFFF.  Notwithstanding 12VAC30-50-226 and 12VAC30-60-143 the Department of Medical Assistance Services shall add another provision related to service eligiblilty requirements for adults receiving Mental Health Skill Building Services to allow for the provision of services to individuals who have received an independent assessment prior to the delivery of services similar to the Virginia Independent Clinical Assessment Program (VICAP) process for children's mental health services and have been found in need of services.  The department shall work with the Community Services Boards to develop the parameters of the assessment for services.  The department shall have the authority to promulgate emergency regulations to implement this change effective July 1, 2014."

(This amendment adds language to allow for the use of an independent assessment to determine eligibility for mental health skill building services as one means of obtaining access to services. While emergency regulations went into effect in December, 2013 implementing more refined criteria for service eligibility and provider requirements, there may be individuals for whom the services are necessary but who do not meet the more stringent requirements for services in the new regulations. These individuals could be at risk of deteriorating mental health if they are not able to access the mental health skill building services. Allowing for the determination of needs through an independent assessment similar to the process set forth in the VICAP process for children's mental health services would allow individuals in need to access these services, thus avoiding the need for more costly services.)