2012 Special Session I

HB1301 Item 3-1.01 Amendments (Committee Approved)

Item 3-1.01 Amendments

First Year - FY2015Second Year - FY2016
Committee Approved
3-1.01#1sLitter Control and Recycling Funds (Language Only)
3-1.01#1hRestore Transfer of Vital Records Fee to General Fund (Language Only)
3-1.01#2hSale of Old Tax Building - Move to FY 2012 (Language Only)
3-1.01#2sSale of old Tax building (Language Only)
3-1.01#3sInternet Crimes Against Children Fund (Language Only)
3-1.01#4sTransfer of Firearms Transaction Fee to GF (Language Only)
3-1.01#5sHB 896, ABC hours of operation (Language Only)
3-1.01#6sABC Profits (Language Only)