2009 Session

Budget Amendments - SB850 (Committee Approved)

MH&MR: Southeastern Va Community Housing

Item C-103.06 #4s

Item C-103.06 #4s

First Year - FY2009 Second Year - FY2010
Health And Human Resources
Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services, Department of FY2009 $35,036,000 FY2010 $0 NGF

Page 570, following line 20
A.1. Out of the appropriation for this item shall be paid $35,036,000 ($23,768,800 from general fund supported bonds and $11,267,200 from non-general fund supported bonds) for construction of community housing on behalf of community service boards located in the service area of the Southeastern Virginia Mental Retardation Training Center. This appropriation is based on the following provisional plan:
Description Number GF Cost  NGF Cost Total Cost
6 to 8 Bed ICF (GF Land Acquisition) 14 $2,816,800  $11,267,200  $14,084,000
4 to 6 Bed Mental Retardation Home 22 $18,546,000  $0  $18,546,000
Crisis Stabilization Center 1 $1,006,000  $0  $1,006,000
Day Support Center 4 $1,400,000  $0  $1,400,000
Total 41 $23,768,800  $11,267,200  $35,036,000
2. No more than twenty percent of the total cost of each Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) shall be for land acquisition, which shall be financed from general fund supported bonds. The remaining eighty percent of the capital cost shall be funded from bonds supported by the capital component of the Medicaid rates.
B.1. The Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services, with the assistance of the Department of General Services, the Department of Planning and Budget, and the Department of the Treasury, and with the approval of the Governor, shall prepare a final implementation plan and provide a copy of the plan to the Chairmen of the Senate Finance Committee and House Appropriations Committee no later than June 30, 2009. Limited revisions to this implementation plan may be made as warranted by material changes in circumstances. In development of this plan the Department of Mental Health shall consult with residents, community service boards, and private providers.
2. Within 30 days of receipt of an implementation plan, or revisions thereto, the Senate Finance Committee and House Appropriations Committee shall each determine whether to request additional information, recommend changes to the implementation plan, or accept the implementation plan, and notify the Department of their decision.  The Department shall provide additional information on the details of an implementation plan as requested by either Committee.  If the Committees accept an implementation plan, or do not request additional information or recommend changes within the 30-day period, the implementation plan shall be deemed approved and may be executed by the Department.  
3. The Director of the Department of Planning and Budget shall have the authority to fund community housing projects approved by the Committees, with such funding being consistent with the terms of the implementation plan.
C. To be eligible for to participate in the community mental retardation facility construction program set out in this item, local community services boards must cooperate with the Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, and the Department of Human Resource Management in the development and implementation of a plan to transfer employees of the Southeastern Virginia Training Center to the community services boards, as required by Item 315.DD of this Act.
D. The total amount that may be obligated under this item shall not exceed $35,036,000."

"C-103.06 Construction, Acquisition and Renovation of Community Housing for Southeastern Virginia (17774)
Fund Sources: Bond Proceeds

(This amendment sets out the proposed appropriation for community housing as a capital appropriation item. Companion capital amendments strike language included in SB 850, as introduced, that proposed a reduction to project 17458 (Repair/Replacement Southeastern Virginia Training Center) and set out that reduction as a separate capital item. )