2009 Session

Budget Amendments - SB850 (Committee Approved)

Collections Pursuant to SB 987 (language only)

Item 5-0.00 #1s

Item 5-0.00 #1s

Additional Enactments

Page 692, after line 1, insert:
"4. That payments made pursuant to the provisions of Senate Bill 987 shall be made in accordance with procedures established by the Tax Commissioner and shall be considered general fund revenue, except with respect to those revenues required to be distributed under the provisions of §§ 58.1-605 and 58.1-606.
5. That the State Comptroller shall make no distribution of the collections made pursuant to Senate Bill 987 in accordance with §§ 58.1-638 and 58.1-638.1 until the Governor determines each year that funds are available to transfer such collections. If the Governor determines that funds are available to transfer such collections in accordance with §§ 58.1-638 and 58.1-638.1 he shall direct the State Comptroller to make such distribution. The Governor will report such determination to the Chairmen of the Senate Finance, House Finance and House Appropriations Committees in August of each year."
Page 692, line 2, strike "4" and insert "6".
Page 692, line 3, strike "and third" and insert ", third, fourth and fifth".

(This amendment provides direction to the Tax Commissioner and State Comptroller for the disposition of revenue related to the accelerated sales and use tax payment due on June 30, 2010 pursuant to Senate Bill 987, which passed the Senate.)