2009 Session

Budget Amendments - HB1600 (Committee Approved)

Out-of-State Enrollment Policy (language only)

Item 4-0.01 #3h

Item 4-0.01 #3h

General Provisions
Operating Policies

Page 622, after line 9, insert:
"d. 1. The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia shall report to the Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees by October 1 of each year the three-year rolling average number of nonresident undergraduate students enrolled at each four-year public college or university, as a percentage of total undergraduate enrollment.
2. With the exception of Norfolk State University, Virginia Military Institute, and Virginia State University, any four-year public college or university with a three-year rolling average nonresident undergraduate enrollment that exceeds thirty (30) percent shall be subject to the following provisions beginning with the Fall 2010 entering class:
a) The institutions shall not increase the overall undergraduate proportion of nonresident students from the previous Fall;
b) The institution shall reserve at least 70 percent of any increase in new freshmen over the previous Fall for resident undergraduate students;
c) The institution shall reserve at least 80 percent of new transfer student slots for resident students.
3. In determining the appropriation for educational and general programs at the institutions of higher education, the General Assembly shall take into consideration the increase in new resident undergraduate student enrollment prescribed in d.2."

(This amendment clarifies the policy of the Commonwealth with regard to out-of-state undergraduate enrollment. If an institution has an out-of-state undergraduate percentage enrollment level three-year rolling average that exceeds thirty (30) percent, then the institution would be subject to the enrollment provisions of this item which require not increasing the current proportion of out-of-state students, reserving 70 percent of the increase in new freshmen seats for in-state undergraduate students and reserving 80 percent of new transfer student seats for in-state students.)