2008 Session

Budget Amendments - HB29 (Conference Report)

Reversion of FY 2007 Balances (language only)

Item 455.4 #1c

Item 455.4 #1c

Central Appropriations
General Conditions

Page 217, after line 8, insert:
A. To accomplish general fund savings estimated at $14,000,000, the Director, Department of Planning and Budget, shall unallot in the second year amounts from the following agencies which reflect agency balances carried forward from fiscal year 2007.  If there are insufficient balances in the agencies enumerated in this paragraph, the Director of the Department of Planning and Budget is authorized to revert other fiscal year 2007 or 2008 balances in the amount necessary to generate $14,000,000 in total savings.

Attorney General (OAG)210,000
Secretary of the Commonwealth5,000
Office of Commonwealth Preparedness76,000
Minority Business Enterprise126,000
Employment Dispute Resolution76,800
Office of Commerce & Trade15,000
Department of Business Assistance225,000
Office of Education108,488
Department of Education910,067
School f/t Deaf & Blind at Staunton140,000
School f/t Deaf, Blind & Multi-Disabled at Hampton50,000
Community College System9,179,615
Planning & Budget250,000
Comprehensive Services  (CSA)259,523
Medical Assistance1,170,443
Mental Health  (Central Office)40,000
Social Services150,000
Criminal Justice Services150,000

(This amendment reverts a total of $14.0 million in agency general fund balances generated in fiscal year 2007.)