2003 Session

Budget Amendments - SB700 (Committee Approved)

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Set threshold for higher education maximum employment levels (language only)

Item 4-7.01 #2s

Item 4-7.01 #2s

Statewide Plans
Manpower Control Program

Page 608, strike lines 45 through 47 and insert:
"2.a) The institutions of higher education shall submit information concerning salary and wage positions to the Director of the Department of Human Resource Management, as established in guidelines developed by the Directors of the Departments of Planning and Budget and Human Resource Management, in consultation with the Executive Director of the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.  Institutions shall report all required information quarterly to the Department of Human Resource Management.
b) The information shall include, but not be limited to, the number of filled general fund and nongeneral fund positions in the educational and general, auxiliary, and sponsored research programs, as well as other pertinent information.  Among faculty positions, institutions of higher education shall be required to report the number of full-time equivalent teaching and research positions, administrative positions, part-time faculty positions, and graduate teaching assistants filled within the educational and general program.  
c) The data shall be used by the Director, Department of Planning in Budget for recording employment in the state budget.
d) The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia shall monitor trends in the data and report any substantive findings pursuant to Item 166 B.2."
Page 609, after line 14, insert:
"d.4. Positions assigned to educational and general programs in the institutions of higher education are for reference only and may fluctuate depending upon workload and funding availability.  However, total general fund positions filled by an institution of higher education may not exceed 105 percent of the general fund positions appropriated without prior approval from the Director of the Department of Planning and Budget."

(This amendment is part of a package to delegate additional authority to institutions of higher education for handling administrative functions on campus. This amendment would provide institutions with flexibility to increase staffing positions up to 105 percent of the level appropriated for Educational and General (E&G) programs. The amendment also improves the coordination and reporting of employment data to state agencies.)