2003 Session

Budget Amendments - HB1400 (Committee Approved)

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Nonstate Agency Allocations (language only)

Item 4-5.07 #1h

Item 4-5.07 #1h

Special Conditions and Restrictions on Expenditures
Nonstate Agencies, Interstate Compacts and Organizational Memberships

Page 596, line 43, strike "Secretary of".
Page 596, line 44, strike "Finance" and insert:
"Director, Department of Historic Resources,".
Page 596, strike line 48, and insert:
"4.  Operating appropriations for nonstate agencies (nonhistorical) equal to or in excess of $150,000 shall be disbursed to".
Page 596, line 50, after "year.", insert:
"Operating appropriations for nonstate agencies (nonhistorical) of less than $150,000 shall be disbursed in one payment once the nonstate agency has successfully met the application and match requirements of the Department of Historic Resources."

(This amendment would streamline the current application process for nonstate agencies. Currently, these agencies have to submit paperwork certifying that they have met the match requirements through the Department of Historic Resources for certification by the Secretary of Finance. The new language would have the match certified directly by the Director of the Department of Historic Resources, reducing paperwork and expediting the process. In addition, the language clarifies the intent of the General Assembly regarding payments to these agencies.)