2000 Session

Budget Amendments - SB30 (Member Request)

Chief Patron: Forbes
State Veterans' Cemetery

Item C-4.10 #3s

Item C-4.10 #3s

First Year - FY2001 Second Year - FY2002
of Veterans' Affairs FY2001 $6,500,000 FY2002 $0 NGF

Page 392, line 30, insert:
These funds shall be advanced to the Department of Veterans' Affairs in the form of a short-term Treasury Loan, with no interest.  The Department shall repay this loan upon receipt of  its funds from the federal government.

"C-4.10 Hampton Roads Veterans' Cemetery
Fund Sources: Federal Trust

(This amendment provides for a Treasury loan to cover up-front architectural, engineering and construction costs for the new Veterans' Cemetery in Hampton Roads.)