2000 Session

Budget Amendments - SB30 (Committee Approved)

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Secy of Ed Strategic Plans (language only)

Item 131 #2s

Item 131 #2s

Education: Elementary and Secondary
Education, Secretary of

Page 87, strike lines 8 through 24 and insert:
“A. 1. In furtherance of its work in the development of funding guidelines for public colleges and universities as set forth in Item 1, and pursuant to the recommendations of the Governor's Commission to Evaluate the Needs and Goals of Higher Education in Virginia in the 21st Century, it is the intent of the General Assembly that institutions of higher education develop strategic plans that promote and sustain the quality, accountability and affordability of Virginia’s public institutions of higher education.
2.  By September 1, 2000 each four-year and two-year public institution of higher education shall submit to the Secretary of Education and the State Council of Higher Education a progress report on implementing its strategic plan. Each institution shall report on the progress it has made through its strategic plan to meet the following objectives:
a.  Efforts to improve the quality of instruction, public service, research, and student life;
b.  Efforts to maximize student access to higher education and minimize the cost to students and the state;
c.  Efforts to enhance administrative efficiency and productivity; and
d.  Efforts to use budget and management best practices.
3.  a. As part of its progress report, each institution shall propose a comprehensive set of measures of institutional accomplishment to be used for assessing an institution’s progress toward the objectives set out above. The measures of institutional accomplishment and the tools for their assessment shall reflect the institutional mission and characteristics such as student body and clients of the particular institution.
b.  The progress report shall include identification of resources required to sustain and promote progress in the accomplishments detailed in the plan.
c. The progress report shall include proposals for enhancing managerial autonomy and streamlining operations as a means for improving managerial flexibility.
4.  The progress report shall be prepared according to a format approved by the Secretary of Education and the State Council of Higher Education.  By November 1, 2000 the Secretary of Education shall report to the Chairmen of the Joint Subcommittee on Higher Education Funding Policies on the status of the institutions’ strategic plans, including the items enumerated above. The Secretary's report shall include a recommendation on which institutions are ready to move from the strategic plan to specific institutional performance agreements, pursuant to the report of the Governor’s Commission to Evaluate the Needs and Goals of Higher Education in Virginia in the 21st Century.  Such a recommendation shall include a process for developing an agreement, and a plan for integrating performance agreements with the findings of the Joint Subcommittee on Higher Education Funding Policies.
5.  In the development of his budget for introduction in the 2001 Session of the General Assembly, the Governor shall incorporate the funding recommendations of the Joint Subcommittee on Higher Education Funding Policies, and provide a plan for implementation of the funding guidelines.
Page 87, after line 42 insert:
"D.  1. There is hereby established a Task Force on Decentralization in Higher Education, to be composed of one member to be appointed by each of the Secretaries of Finance, Education, and Administration,  the Director of the State Council of Higher Education, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, or their respective designees.  In addition, the Council of Presidents shall designate representatives of four institutions of higher education to serve on the task force.
2.  The task force shall develop proposals that provide greater operational autonomy to institutions of higher education, while maintaining appropriate post hoc audit and reporting procedures, in the areas of capital outlay, real estate and property management, procurement,  and personnel management.  The proposals shall be included in the strategic plan progress reports detailed in Item 131, Paragraph B.  
3.  The task force shall report its findings and recommendations to the Governor and the chairs of the Senate Finance and House Appropriations Committee by September 1, 2000."

(This amendment is self-explanatory.)