2000 Session

Budget Amendments - HB30 (Member Request)

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Chief Patron: Hall
JCHC-Medical Scholarship & Loan Repayment

Item 300 #2h

Item 300 #2h

First Year - FY2001 Second Year - FY2002
Health And Human Resources
Health, Department of FY2001 $100,000 FY2002 $100,000 GF

Page 232, line 7, strike "$2,344,059" and insert "$2,444,059".
Page 232, line 7, strike "$2,344,059" and insert "$2,444,059".
Page 232, line 15, strike "465,000" and insert "615,000".
Page 232, line 16, strike "465,000" and insert "615,000".
Page 232, line 17, strike "67 medical scholarships the first year" and insert:
"financial incentives such as medical scholarships, loan repayment, one-time salary bonuses, travel expenses, and salary supplements to physicians or medical".
Page 232, strike line 18.
Page 232, line 21, strike "Four"  and insert:
"Of the $615,000 each year, four".
Page 232, line 35, strike "Physician Loan Repayment Program" and insert:
"pool of funding for financial incentives to recruit physicians or medical students described above.  The Department of Health, in cooperation with representatives from the three state medical schools, the Southwest Virginia Graduate Medical Education Consortium, the Quillen School of Medicine at East Tennessee State University, and the Pikeville School of Osteopathic Medicine, shall develop the procedures and regulations to distribute the financial aid funds as appropriate to recruit physicians and medical students to medically underserved areas of the Commonwealth.  All financial aid shall be awarded in accordance with regulations promulgated by the Board of Health.  The Department shall maintain an accounting of the number and amount of the scholarship and loan repayment awards made each year.  The Board of Health shall promulgate regulations to implement the provisions of this item within 280 days of enactment."
Page 232, strike lines 36 through 41.
Page 233, strike lines 44 through 52.
Page 233, line 53, strike "F" and insert "E".

(This amendment combines the existing funds appropriated for medical scholarships ($465,000 GF in each year) and the funds appropriated for physician loan repayment ($50,000 GF in each year) into one appropriation for both scholarships and loan repayment. In addition, funds are added to allow for the implementation of other financial incentives to recruit physicians to medically underserved areas. These incentives could include: one-time salary bonuses, travel expenses for students/physicians to visit a prospective underserved area, and salary supplements to provide greater flexibility in attracting physicians by meeting their individual needs. This amendment would retain the medical scholarships at neighboring states. This presumes the Pikeville schools in Maryland medical schools to attract Virginia residents who attend these medical schools to Southwest Virginia. A study by the Joint Commission on Health Care found that a number of the medical scholarships are not being awarded for various reasons. Other states appropriate a single amount for scholarships and loan repayment rather than appropriate specific amounts for each. This is a recommendation of the Joint Commission on Health Care.)