1999 Session

Budget Amendments - HB1450 (Committee Approved)

Lottery-Capital Outlay

Item C-01 #1h

Item C-01 #1h

First Year - FY1999 Second Year - FY2000
Central Appropriations
Central Capital Outlay FY1999 $0 FY2000 $310,300,000 GF

Page 461, after line 35, insert:
"C-01.  Financial Assistance for Educational Facilities         $0          $310,300,000
            Fund Sources:  General
         $0          $310,300,000
A.  The general fund appropriation for the projects listed in this item shall be derived from revenues transferred to the general fund pursuant to §58.1-4022, Code of Virginia.
B.  The general fund appropriation contained in this item shall be released only after the Governor has received the annual audit report required by §58.1-4023, Code of Virginia, and the Comptroller has made the transfer to the general fund of the audited balances.  Such audited balances shall be used to fund the projects listed in the following paragraph C. of this item.
C.  The Governor shall release the general fund appropriation in this item for projects in order of priority as follows:
1.  Financial Assistance for Local Public School Facilities                $300,756,000
The funds identified in this subsection C. 1. shall be used for the purposes specified in House Bill 2513.  Each school division shall receive a distribution equal to what they would have received in House Bill 1450, as introduced, from the distribution of lottery profits in the first year and the second year and from the school construction grants program in the second year.  As a condition of receiving these funds, localities shall meet the maintenance of effort provisions specified in House Bill 2513.
2.  Virginia Community College System
          Medical Education Campus, Northern Virginia (15847)              $1,950,000
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
          Advanced Communications Center (15747)                                $1,949,000
George Mason University
          Heating and Cooling Plant Improvements (12712)                       $1,900,000
James Madison University
          Campus Steam Line Improvements (16239)                                   $901,000
Longwood College
          Planning for New Science Building (16251)                                   $860,000
Virginia State University
          Virginia Hall Auditorium Renovation (16247)                             $1,384,000
          Construction of Life Sciences Annex  ( 16083)                               $600,000
D.  The full amount of the appropriation for projects described in paragraph C. above shall be released;  no fractional or partial release may be made."

(This amendment allocates 100 percent of State Lottery revenues in the second year for local public school construction grants and capital projects at state-supported institutions of higher education. Companion amendments transfer funds for this purpose from several other items of House Bill 1450, as introduced.)