2024 Special Session I

Budget Bill - SB6001 (Introduced)

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First Year - FY2025Second Year - FY2026Totals

Independent Agencies

State Corporation Commission
475Regulation of Business Practices$91,038,949$91,038,949
476Regulation of Public Utilities$35,917,443$35,917,443
477Distribution of Fees From and To Regulated Entities and Localities$9,176,160$9,176,160
478Administrative and Support Services$0$0
479Plan Management$408,828,801$475,891,452
Virginia Lottery
480State Lottery Operations$245,106,034$245,106,034
481Disbursement of Lottery Prize Payments$350,000,000$350,000,000
Virginia College Savings Plan
482Investment, Trust, and Insurance Services$250,000,000$250,000,000
483Administrative and Support Services$50,155,596$51,170,641
Virginia Retirement System
484Personnel Management Services$23,181,353$22,961,363
485Investment, Trust, and Insurance Services$50,620,839$51,192,107
486Administrative and Support Services$62,568,586$59,563,460
487Language Only 
Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission
488Employment Assistance Services$46,465,724$46,465,724
489Financial Assistance for Supplemental Assistance Services$15,683,368$15,683,368
Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority
489.10Crime Detection, Investigation, and Apprehension$36,337,853$34,266,173
489.20Alcoholic Beverage Merchandising$1,049,870,828$1,099,910,490
Virginia Cannabis Control Authority
489.30Cannabis Regulation and Enforcement$6,220,439$6,220,439
Opioid Abatement Authority
489.40Financial Assistance for Individual and Family Services$66,095,847$76,107,377
Department of General Services