2008 Session

Budget Bill - HB30 (Chapter 879)

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First Year - FY2009Second Year - FY2010Totals

Office of Education

Department of Education, Central Office Operations
Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind at Staunton 
Christopher Newport University
C-12New Construction: Construct University Entrance and Interior Road$1,405,000$0
C-13New Construction: Construct University Chapel$9,000,000$0
C-14New Construction: Construct Ratcliffe Hall Addition$9,350,000$0
C-14.10New Construction: Construct Residential Housing$13,500,000$0
C-14.20Acquisition: Land Acquisition$14,400,000$0
The College of William and Mary in Virginia
C-15New Construction: Construct Integrated Science Center$11,825,000$0
C-16Improvements: Replace Zable Stadium Systems$2,000,000$0
C-17Improvements: Renovate the Campus Center and Trinkle Hall$35,000,000$0
C-18Improvements: Renovate Graduate Student Residence Halls$2,500,000$0
George Mason University
C-20Improvements: Renovate Presidents Park II$15,633,000$0
C-21New Construction: Construct Performing Arts Building Addition$2,000,000$0
C-22New Construction: Construct Academic VI and Research II Facility$5,500,000$0
C-23New Construction: Construct Academic V, Fairfax Campus$4,500,000$0
C-24New Construction: Construct Physical Education Addition, Phase II$1,000,000$0
C-25New Construction: Construct Hotel Conference Center (PPEA)$10,000,000$0
C-26New Construction: Construct Parking Deck IV$27,233,000$0
C-27New Construction: Construct Housing VIII$102,460,000$0
C-28New Construction: Construct Southwest Campus Dining$14,639,000$0
C-29New Construction: Construct Smithsonian Conservation & Research Center Housing and Dining$20,142,000$0
C-30New Construction: Construct Parking Deck III - Phase II$27,237,000$0
C-31New Construction: Construct West Campus Connector and Campus Entrances$13,922,000$0
C-32New Construction: Construct East Campus Fields and Courts, Phase I$3,249,000$0
C-33New Construction: Construct Tract and Field Stadium$8,320,000$0
C-34Improvements: Renovate West Fields$3,194,000$0
C-35Language Only 
C-36Language Only 
C-36.10New Construction: Belmont Bay Science Center$0$1,000,000
C-36.20New Construction: Regional Bio-containment Laboratory$8,300,000$0
C-36.30New Construction: Prince William Performing Arts Center$0$0
C-36.40Language Only 
C-36.50New Construction: Surge Space on Fairfax Campus$6,000,000$0
C-36.60Language Only 
James Madison University
C-37New Construction: Construct Center for the Arts$676,000$0
C-38New Construction: Renovate and Expand Athletics/Recreation$50,000,000$0
C-39Acquisition: Acquire Rockingham Memorial Hall$18,600,000$0
Longwood University
C-40Language Only 
C-40.10Equipment: Construct Bedford Wygal Connector$1,900,000$0
C-40.20Equipment: Renovate Jarman Building$1,500,000$0
University of Mary Washington
C-41Improvements: Renovate Monroe Hall$1,500,000$0
C-42Improvements: Lee Hall Renovation$750,000$0
C-43New Construction: Construct Convocation Center$2,000,000$0
C-44Improvements: Renovate and Alter Portions of Four Academic Buildings$1,000,000$0
C-44.10New Construction: Construct Melchers Welding Addition$0$800,000
C-44.20Language Only 
Norfolk State University
C-46Language Only 
Old Dominion University
C-47New Construction: Construct Powhatan Sports Complex$7,207,000$0
C-48New Construction: Construct Residence Hall, Phase II$34,779,000$0
C-49Acquisition: Acquire Additional Property$1,970,000$0
C-50Improvements: Renovate Baseball Stadium$3,000,000$0
C-50.10Equipment Hughes Hall$1,300,000$0
Radford University
C-51New Construction: Construct Parking Deck$11,698,000$0
C-52New Construction: Construct New Forensic Institute$4,592,000$0
C-53Acquisition: Acquire Land$5,000,000$0
C-54New Construction: Construct Student Fitness Center$32,000,000$0
C-55New Construction: Construct Addition to Hurlburt Hall$20,000,000$0
C-56New Construction: Construct New Residence Halls$36,000,000$0
C-57Improvements: Renovate Young Hall$284,000$0
C-58Improvements: Renovate Davis Hall$149,000$0
C-59New Construction: Construct College of Business and Economics Building$10,000,000$0
C-60Language Only 
University of Virginia
C-61New Construction: Construct Information Technology and Communications Data Center$13,061,000$0
C-62Improvements: Expand Central Grounds Chiller$5,700,000$0
C-63New Construction: Medical Research Building (MR-6)$765,000$0
Virginia Commonwealth University
C-64New Construction: Construct Monroe Park Campus Addition Art Gallery, Phase I$19,394,000$0
C-65New Construction: Construct Executive Conference Center, Monroe Park Campus Addition$33,957,000$0
C-66New Construction: Construct Belvidere and Grace Street Parking Deck I$14,942,000$0
C-67New Construction: Construct Medical Sciences Building, Phase II$3,700,000$0
Virginia Community College System
C-68Improvements: Supplemental Funding for Previously Authorized Capital Projects$35,000,000$0
C-69New Construction: Construct Phase III Buildings, Loudoun Campus, Northern Virginia$8,600,000$0
C-70New Construction: Construct Phase I of Regional Health Professions Center, Virginia Beach Campus, Tidewater$8,200,000$0
C-71New Construction: Construct Phase II Building, Midlothian Campus, John Tyler$2,800,000$0
C-72New Construction: Construct Phase VI Academic Building, Annandale Campus, Northern Virginia$6,100,000$0
C-73Improvements: Renovate Science Building, Annandale Campus, Northern Virginia$700,000$0
C-74New Construction: Construct Historic Triangle Campus, Thomas Nelson$5,640,000$0
C-74.10Equipment for Dental Hygiene Facility, Thomas Nelson Community College$2,400,000$0
C-75Improvements: Renovate Hobbs (Suffolk) Campus, Paul D. Camp$210,000$0
C-76New Construction: Construct Tri-Cities Higher Education Center$900,000$0
C-77New Construction: Construct Student Center, Portsmouth Campus, Tidewater$5,406,000$0
C-78New Construction: Construct West Access Way, Reconfigure West Roadway, Blue Ridge$780,000$0
C-79New Construction: Construct Regional Storm Water Detention Facility, Patrick Henry$259,000$0
C-80New Construction: Construct Historic Triangle Parking Lot, Phase II, Thomas Nelson$5,658,000$0
C-81New Construction: Construct Welcome Center Visitor Entrance and Parking, Hampton Campus, Thomas Nelson$6,118,000$0
C-81.10Improvements: Supplement Rockbridge Regional Center, DSLCC$75,000$0
C-81.20Equipment, Booth Center, Southwest Virginia Community College$979,373$0
C-81.30New Construction: Construct Student Center, Chesapeake Campus, Tidewater$20,753,000$0
C-81.40New Construction: Construct Student Center, Virginia Beach Campus, Tidewater$6,560,000$0
C-81.50New Construction: Construct Student Center, Norfolk Campus, Tidewater$3,825,000$0
Virginia Military Institute
C-82Improvements: Renovate Mallory Hall$760,000$0
C-83Improvements: Renovate Kilbourne Hall Complex$485,000$0
C-84New Construction: Construct South Hill Parking$2,816,000$0
C-85New Construction: Construct Lackey Parking$1,958,000$0
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
C-86New Construction: Construct Basketball Practice Facility$20,000,000$0
C-87Improvements: Renovate Henderson Hall$3,458,000$0
C-88Improvements: Repair McComas Hall Exterior Wall Structure$6,000,000$0
C-89Improvements: Renovate Ambler Johnston$55,000,000$0
C-90Improvements: Renovate Owens and West End Market Food Courts$5,000,000$0
C-91New Construction: New Residence Hall$8,047,000$0
Virginia State University
C-92Improvements: Renovate and Expand the Bookstore$3,333,000$0
C-93New Construction: Construct Gateway Residence Hall, Phase II$38,342,000$0
Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia
C-94New Construction: Construct West African Exhibit$426,000$0
Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation
C-95Improvements: Create Jamestown Legacy Walk - II$193,000$0
The Science Museum of Virginia
C-96Improvements: Restore the Exterior Stucco$1,100,000$0
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
C-97Improvements: Renovate Carpenter Shop$1,695,000$0
C-98Improvements: Replace Boiler Plant$975,000$0
C-99Improvements: Replace Chiller Plant$1,080,000$0