2008 Session

Budget Bill - HB29 (Chapter 847)

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First Year - FY2007Second Year - FY2008Totals

Office of Education

Department of Education, Central Office Operations
Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind at Staunton$2,500,000$3,500,000
C-17.50New Construction: Consolidation of the Schools for the Deaf, Blind and Multi-Disabled$2,500,000$3,500,000
Christopher Newport University
C-18Improvements: Renovate and Expand Gosnold Hall$2,315,000$0
C-19New Construction: Construct Residence Hall V$32,667,000$0
C-20New Construction: Expand Freeman Center Gymnasium$26,100,000$0
C-21New Construction: Expand Athletic Facilites II$8,300,000$0
C-22New Construction: Construct New Academic Building$15,389,000$0
C-22.05New Construction: Construct Science Building$1,000,000$0
C-22.10Language Only 
The College of William and Mary in Virginia
C-23New Construction: Construct Integrated Science Center$3,000,000$1,475,000
C-24New Construction: School of Business Building$15,000,000$0
C-25New Construction: Construct New Dormitory$2,000,000$0
C-26New Construction: Expand Small Hall$2,807,000$0
C-27Improvements: Renovate Office of Undergraduate Admissions$400,000$0
C-28Acquisition: Williamsburg Community Hospital$12,200,000$5,350,000
C-29Improvements: Renovate Power Plant and Make Utility Improvements$13,636,000$0
C-30New Construction: Construct Ensemble Rehearsal Facility$11,380,000$0
C-31New Construction: Renovate and Expand Student Health Center to Include the Counseling Center$900,000$0
C-32Improvements: Renovate Dormitories$5,000,000$0
C-33Acquisition: Acquire Property$1,000,000$0
C-33.10Improvements: Residence Hall Fire Safety Systems$2,100,000$0
C-33.20Improvements: Renovate Marshall-Wythe Law Library$3,800,000$0
Richard Bland College$2,500,000$0
C-34New Construction: Renovate and Expand Art Building and Library$700,000$0
C-35New Construction: Construct Elevated Water Tank for Fire Suppression$1,500,000$0
C-36New Construction: Renovate and Expand Pecan Grove Hall$300,000$0
C-37.10Language Only 
Virginia Institute of Marine Science$7,967,500$0
C-38New Construction: Marine Research Building Complex$6,000,000$0
C-40Acquisition: Acquire Additional Property for the Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve Program$250,000$0
C-40.10Improvements: Electrical Upgrades$267,500$0
C-40.20New Construction: Construct Concrete Pier to Ensure Uninterrupted Seawater Supply$1,450,000$0
George Mason University
C-41New Construction: Construct Patriot Center Addition$5,151,000$9,300,000
C-42Improvements: Renovate Thompson, West and Pohick$4,253,000$0
C-43New Construction: Construct Addition to Krasnow Institute$500,000$0
C-44New Construction: Construct Academic V, Fairfax Campus$3,630,000$0
C-45New Construction: Construct Addition to Fieldhouse$5,415,000$6,500,000
C-46New Construction: Construct Academic VI and Research II Facility$60,363,000$0
C-47Improvements: Renovate Student Union Building$4,009,000$0
C-48New Construction: Construct Housing VII and Entrance Road Realignment$56,005,000$0
C-49New Construction: Construct Physical Education Addition, Phase II$8,206,000$0
C-50New Construction: Construct and Improve Softball Field Complex$2,022,000$2,109,000
C-51New Construction: Construct Biocontainment Laboratory$42,500,000$0
C-52Language Only 
C-53Language Only 
C-54New Construction: Construct Hotel Conference Center (PPEA)
New Construction: Construct Hotel Conference Center (Ppea)
C-55Language Only 
C-55.10New Construction: Fairfax Surge Space Fit Out Data Center$8,616,000$0
C-55.20New Construction: Fairfax Research I Equipment$1,800,000$0
C-55.30New Construction: Supplement: Prince William Performing Arts$4,000,000$0
C-55.50New Construction: Construct Academic II and Parking, Arlington Campus$3,500,000$0
C-55.60New Construction: Renovate and Construct Addition to Student Union I$0$19,934,000
C-55.65New Construction: Parking Deck III
New Construction: Construct Parking Deck III
C-55.70Improvements: Renovate Student Housing, President's Park I$0$7,200,000
C-55.80Improvements: Renovate Commonwealth and Dominion Housing Facilities$0$1,770,000
C-55.85Improvements: Relocate Prince William Campus Power Line$0$1,500,000
C-55.86New Construction: Construct Fairfax Performing Arts Center$8,000,000$1,000,000
C-55.87New Construction: Construct Student Housing VII$0$4,000,000
C-55.90Language Only 
C-55.95New Construction: Student Union II$0$6,000,000
James Madison University
C-56Maintenance Reserve$2,904,000$0
C-57Improvements: Renovate Miller Hall$3,309,085$0
C-58Acquisition: Acquire Property on Cantrell Avenue$12,000,000$12,000,000
C-60Improvements: Renovate Bluestone Hall, Phase IV$23,909,000$0
C-61Improvements: Renovate and Expand Bridgeforth Stadium$10,000,000$0
C-61.20Improvements: CISAT Library Cost Overrun
Improvements: Cisat Library Cost Overrun
C-61.30Language Only 
C-61.40New Construction: South Main Street Pedestrian Tunnel$3,750,000$0
C-61.50New Construction: Construct Center for the Arts$0$3,617,000
C-61.60New Construction: Construct Music Recital Hall$0$1,387,000
C-61.70Improvements: Renovate Bluestone Dormitories, Phase II$2,360,000$0
C-61.80Acquisition: Acquire Property for Future Campus Expansion$5,000,000$0
C-61.90Improvements: Acquire Memorial Hall$11,600,000$0
C-61.95Acquisition: East Campus Property$0$9,000,000
C-61.96New Construction: Softball and Baseball Complex$0$5,000,000
C-61.97New Construction: Dining Facility$3,000,000$0
Longwood University
C-62Improvements: Renovate Jarman Building$1,535,000$0
C-63New Construction: Construct Fitness Center/Field House$3,981,000$0
C-64Improvements: Improve Storm Water Retention Structure$188,000$0
C-65Improvements: Bedford Wygal Connector$3,664,000$0
C-66Improvements: Renovate Wheeler Hall$2,625,000$0
C-67Improvements: Modernize Heating Plant, Phase II$2,037,000$0
C-68New Construction: Construct Lacrosse/Field Hockey Complex$1,265,000$0
C-69Improvements: Renovate Blackwell Hall and Bookstore$963,000$0
C-70Improvements: Renovate Lancer Gymnasium and Willett Hall$413,000$0
C-71New Construction: Construct Addition to Willett Hall$140,000$0
C-72New Construction: Construct Addition and Renovate Bedford Hall$2,531,701$0
C-73New Construction: Construct Addition and Renovation to Lankford Hall$11,475,000$13,031,000
C-75Improvements: Renovate Cox Hall$12,893,000$0
C-76Improvements: Renovate Stubbs Hall$13,878,000$0
C-77Improvements: Renovation of Athletic Offices and Support Facilities$11,961,000$0
C-78Improvements: Upgrade Heating Plant, Phase III$11,337,000$0
C-79New Construction: Construct Recreation Facilities$1,829,000$0
C-80.10Language Only 
C-80.20Improvements: Asbestos Abatement$2,332,000$0
C-80.30Improvements: ADA Accessibility$2,378,000$0
C-80.50Acquisition: Acquire Property Adjacent to Campus$0$5,000,000
University of Mary Washington
C-81New Construction: Construct James Monroe Center Campus Building 2$2,250,000$0
C-82Improvements: Remediate Mold in Washington Hall$1,500,000$0
C-83Improvements: Renovate James Monroe Museum$187,000$1,680,000
C-84Improvements: Renovate Melchers Museum$640,000$0
C-85Improvements: Renovate Monroe Hall$851,000$7,655,000
C-86.10Improvements: Supplement: Lee Hall Renovation$3,000,000$0
C-86.20Improvements: Repair Computing and Data Center Space$728,000$0
C-86.30New Construction: Construct New Graduate Research and Education Institute$0$2,000,000
C-86.40Improvements: Goolrick Field$0$2,000,000
C-86.50New Construction: Residence Halls$0$35,000,000
Norfolk State University
C-87Improvements: Maintenance Reserve$4,823,000$4,323,000
C-88Improvements: Renovate Robinson Technology Building$1,800,000$0
C-89New Construction: Construct RISE Center
New Construction: Construct Rise Center
C-90New Construction: Police and Public Safety Building$1,000,000$0
C-92New Construction: Construct A Multi-Story Parking Structure$14,462,000$0
C-94.10Language Only 
C-94.20Improvements: Renovate and Expand Student Center$6,500,000$0
C-94.30New Construction: Renovate and Expand Library$750,000$0
C-94.40Language Only 
Old Dominion University
C-95Improvements: Renovate Housing, Phase I$2,000,000$0
C-97Improvements: Batten Arts and Letters Building$1,775,000$0
C-98New Construction: Construct Tri-Cities Higher Education Center$1,411,000$0
C-98.10Language Only 
C-99New Construction: Construct Indoor Tennis Center$3,772,000$0
C-100Improvements: Relocate and Expand Athletic Facilities$1,500,000$0
C-101New Construction: Health and Physical Education Building Renovation and Addition$9,030,000$0
C-102New Construction: Construct Performing Arts/Fine Arts Building, Phase II$1,616,880$18,000,000
C-103Improvements: Improve Storm Water Management$1,500,000$0
C-104New Construction: Improve Campus Infrastructure$1,590,000$0
C-105New Construction: Construct Residence Hall, Phase II$28,931,000$3,535,000
C-106New Construction: Construct Addition to the Child Study Center$3,984,000$0
C-107New Construction: Construct A Quad Parking Structure$8,816,000$0
C-108Acquisition: Acquire Additional Property$1,970,000$0
C-109Improvements: Demolish Buildings on 48th and 49th Streets$574,000$0
C-110New Construction: Construct Parking Facility on 49th Street$14,609,000$0
C-110.05New Construction: Construct Powhatan Sports Complex$0$28,793,000
C-110.10Language Only 
C-110.20Language Only 
C-110.30Language Only 
C-110.40Improvements: Webb University Center$0$8,658,683
Radford University
C-111New Construction: Construct Fine Arts Center$650,000$0
C-112Improvements: Renovate Young Hall$1,000,000$0
C-113Improvements: Renovate Whitt Hall$4,545,000$0
C-114Improvements: Renovate Powell Hall$595,000$5,353,000
C-115Improvements: Renovate Heth Hall$5,000,000$0
C-116Acquisition: Acquire 921 Fairfax Street$1,300,000$0
C-117Improvements: Renovate Residence Halls$600,000$0
C-117.10Language Only 
University of Virginia
C-118Improvements: Upgrade Cavalier Substation$900,000$0
C-119Improvements: Upgrade Main Heating Plant for Environmental Compliance$28,900,000$0
C-120New Construction: Acquire Property and Construct Medical Education Building$9,300,000$0
C-121Improvements: Restore Birdwood Estate$9,600,000$0
C-122Improvements: Renovate Jordan Hall HVAC$19,600,000$0
C-123Improvements: Renovate School of Medicine Research Laboratories$8,000,000$0
C-124Improvements: Renovate Jordan Hall Laboratories$8,662,000$0
C-125Improvements: Renovate McCue Center$1,600,000$0
C-126Improvements: Renovate and Improve Academic and Research Facilities$14,000,000$0
C-127Improvements: Renovate and Improve Auxiliary Facilities$3,000,000$0
C-127.10New Construction: MR-6 Medical Research Building$13,362,000$0
C-127.20New Construction: Arts Parking Garage$800,000$0
C-127.30New Construction: MR-7 Translational Research Center$35,000,000$0
C-127.40New Construction: Advanced Research Technology Building$2,630,000$0
C-127.50Improvements: Rouss Hall$6,900,000$0
C-127.60Improvements: Supplement: Gilmer Teaching Labs$575,000$0
C-127.70New Construction: Supplement: Arts and Sciences Building$26,900,000$0
C-127.80Improvements: Fayerweather Hall Cost Overrun$6,000,000$0
C-127.90Improvements: Expand South Chiller Plant$17,067,000$0
C-127.91Acquisition: Research and Live Animal Care Facility$0$35,100,000
C-127.96New Construction: Construct Alderman Road Commons Building$4,500,000$0
C-127.97New Construction: Construct Printing and Copying Services Addition$2,600,000$0
C-127.98New Construction: Construct Information Technology Engineering Building$2,250,000$0
C-127.99Improvements: Renovate Chemistry Teaching Labs$3,100,000$0
University of Virginia Medical Center$189,330,000$0
C-128New Construction: Construct Children's Medical Center$4,000,000$0
C-129New Construction: Construct Clinical Cancer Center$25,000,000$0
C-130Improvements: Renovate Medical Center Facilities$20,000,000$0
C-131Improvements: Consolidate Psychiatric Beds and Relocate General Clinical Research Center$25,730,000$0
C-132New Construction: Construct Medical Office Building$20,000,000$0
C-133New Construction: Construct Musculoskeletal Outpatient Addition$3,000,000$0
C-134Language Only 
C-135New Construction: Expand Hospital Beds$78,000,000$0
C-135.10New Construction: Hospital Expansion$9,600,000$0
C-135.20Improvements: Hospital Link$4,000,000$0
University of Virginia's College at Wise$31,447,000$9,634,000
C-136New Construction: Renovate and Expand Drama Building$4,000,000$0
C-137Improvements: Renovate Smiddy Hall and Relocate Information Technology Building$912,000$9,634,000
C-138New Construction: Construct Student Residence Hall III$8,000,000$0
C-139New Construction: Construct New Dining Facility$7,000,000$0
C-140.10Planning: Convocation Center$600,000$0
C-140.20New Construction: Science Building$10,935,000$0
Virginia Commonwealth University
C-141New Construction: Construct Massey Cancer Center$6,000,000$0
C-142New Construction: Construct School of Engineering$3,032,000$2,224,000
C-143Improvements: Renovate Hibbs Building$139,000$0
C-144New Construction: Construct Medical Sciences Building, Phase II$25,700,000$0
C-145Improvements: Renovate Sanger Hall Research Lab$750,000$750,000
C-146Improvements: Renovate Franklin Terrace$136,000$0
C-147Improvements: Renovate Music Center$750,000$0
C-148New Construction: Construct Tennis Center Complex$3,000,000$0
C-149New Construction: Construct New School of Nursing$290,000$0
C-150New Construction: Construct Monroe Park Campus Parking/Housing Facility$34,702,000$0
C-153Improvements: Renovate Sanger Hall 7th Floor$2,700,000$0
C-154New Construction: Construct Rice Center Development, Phases II and III$4,500,000$0
C-155New Construction: Construct Monroe Park and MCV Campus Recreation Facilities$57,523,000$0
C-155.10New Construction: Expansion of School of Dentistry Facilities$11,750,000$0
C-155.20New Construction: New School of Business$0$451,000
C-155.30Acquisition: University Ad Center$1,578,000$0
Virginia Community College System
C-156Language Only 
C-157New Construction: Construct Parham Road Campus, Phase IV, J. Sargeant Reynolds$2,100,000$0
C-158New Construction: Construct Learning Resource Center, Southwest Virginia$975,000$0
C-159Improvements: Renovate Instructional Labs, John Tyler$566,000$0
C-160New Construction: Construct Learning Resource Center, Patrick Henry$300,000$0
C-161New Construction: Construct Phase III and Renovate Phase I & II Buildings, Alexandria Campus, Northern Virginia$1,750,000$0
C-162New Construction: Relocate Portsmouth Campus, Tidewater$4,000,000$11,500,000
C-163New Construction: Construct Sciences Building I, Virginia Beach Campus, Tidewater$5,888,000$0
C-164New Construction: Construct Science and Technology Building, Piedmont Virginia$851,000$0
C-165Improvements: Renovate and Expand Webber Hall, Virginia Western$1,712,000$0
C-166New Construction: Construct Regional Automotive Technology/Workforce Development Center, Chesapeake Campus, Tidewater$1,200,000$0
C-167New Construction: Construct Workforce Training and Technology Center, Parham Road Campus, J. Sargeant Reynolds$200,000$0
C-168Equipment: Construct Business Development and Workforce Training Center, Eastern Shore$400,000$0
C-169New Construction: Construct Workforce Services Development Center, Middletown Campus, Lord Fairfax$675,000$0
C-170New Construction: Construct William F. Synder Auditorium, Wytheville$93,000$0
C-171Improvements: Construct Science Building Addition, Blue Ridge Community College$240,000$0
C-172Improvements: Renovate the Top Floor of Galax Hall, Wytheville Community College$278,000$0
C-173Improvements: Supplemental Funding for Previously Authorized Capital Projects$59,158,000$0
C-174Improvements: Repair or Replace Mechanical and Electrical Systems, Various Campuses$2,959,500$2,909,000
C-175Improvements: Improve Handicap Accessibility, Main Building, Piedmont Virginia$150,000$0
C-176New Construction: Construct Phase III Buildings, Loudoun Campus, Northern Virginia$6,308,000$24,857,000
C-177New Construction: Construct Phase I of Regional Health Professions Center, Virginia Beach Campus, Tidewater$3,896,000$17,464,000
C-178New Construction: Construct Information Technology Building, Blue Ridge$959,000$6,250,000
C-179Acquisition: Acquire Hampton III Building, Hampton Campus, Thomas Nelson$7,260,000$0
C-182Improvements: Renovate Instructional Labs, New River$1,489,000$0
C-183Improvements: Renovate Burnette Hall, Parham Road Campus, J. Sargeant Reynolds$1,164,000$8,462,000
C-184Improvements: Renovate Instructional and Student Center Building, Virginia Highlands$1,115,000$0
C-185New Construction: Construct Phase II Building, Midlothian Campus, John Tyler$4,174,000$17,019,000
C-186New Construction: Construct Phase VI Academic Building, Annandale Campus, Northern Virginia$4,672,000$24,657,000
C-187Improvements: Renovate Hobbs (Suffolk) Campus, Paul D. Camp$483,000$0
C-188New Construction: Construct Health Technology and Science Building, Patrick Henry$18,426,000$0
C-189New Construction: Reconfigure South Roadway, Blue Ridge$339,000$0
C-190New Construction: Construct Student Center, Danville$1,455,000$0
C-191New Construction: Construct Second Entrance, Chester Campus, John Tyler$659,000$0
C-192New Construction: Construct Roadway and Parking Lot, Midlothian Campus, John Tyler$2,704,000$0
C-193New Construction: Construct Second Access Road, Mountain Empire$1,859,000$0
C-194New Construction: Construct Road to Maintenance Building, Southwest Virginia$406,000$0
C-195New Construction: Construct Welcome Center, Visitor Entrance and Parking, Hampton Campus, Thomas Nelson$2,660,000$0
C-196New Construction: Construct Student Center, Portsmouth Campus, Tidewater$14,090,000$0
C-197New Construction: Construct Bulkhead and Footbridge for Pond, Virginia Beach Campus, Tidewater$1,057,000$0
C-198.10Improvements: College Library, Central Virginia$4,095,000$0
C-198.20Improvements: Historic Triangle Campus Wetlands Mitigation$125,000$0
C-198.30Planning: Joint-Use Library, Virginia Beach Campus, Tidewater Community College$3,000,000$0
C-198.40Improvements: Renovate Science Building, Annandale Campus, Northern Virginia$0$1,000,000
C-198.55Improvements: Renovate Athletic Fields and Construct Press Box, Southwest Virginia$0$508,000
C-198.65Improvements: Renovate Cafeteria, Annandale Campus, Northern Virginia Community College$0$1,025,000
C-198.70Improvements: Blackwater Building, Tidewater Community College$0$2,124,000
C-198.75New Construction: Construct Bookstore, Northern Virginia, Manassas Campus$0$633,000
C-198.80New Construction: Construct Amphitheater, Dabney S. Lancaster$0$1,745,300
C-198.85New Construction: Construct Tri-Cities Higher Education Center$0$500,000
C-198.90New Construction: Academic Building Phase III, Manassas Campus, Northern Virginia Community College$0$23,498,200
Virginia Military Institute
C-199Improvements: Renovate Mallory Hall$3,809,000$125,000
C-200New Construction: Expand Barracks$26,400,000$0
C-201Improvements: Renovate Barracks$20,400,000$0
C-202.10Language Only 
C-202.15Improvements: Renovate Commandant's Quarters Center$0$1,200,000
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
C-203New Construction: Construct Biology Building$2,250,000$0
C-204New Construction: Construct New Engineering Facility, Phase I$4,000,000$3,004,000
C-205Improvements: Improve Performing Arts Center
New Construction: Supplement, Performance Hall
C-206New Construction: Construct Building Construction Facility$750,000$0
C-207Improvements: Upgrade Campus Heating Plant$28,750,000$0
C-209New Construction: Construct Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science, Phase II$31,019,000$0
C-210New Construction: Construct Administrative Services Building$12,000,000$0
C-211New Construction: Construct New Visitor and Admissions Center$5,250,000$0
C-212Improvements: Improve Residence and Dining Halls$10,000,000$0
C-213New Construction: Construct Additional Recreation, Counseling, and Clinical Space$13,000,000$0
C-214New Construction: Construct Indoor Athletic Training Facility$25,000,000$0
C-215Language Only 
C-216Language Only 
C-217Language Only 
C-218New Construction: Construct Infectious Disease Research Facility$7,137,000$0
C-218.10New Construction: Supplement: New Residence Hall$7,000,000$0
C-218.20Improvements: Cowgill Hall HVAC Cost Overrun$2,600,000$0
C-218.30Improvements: Litton-Reeves Exterior Repairs Cost Overrun$1,630,000$0
C-218.40New Construction: Construct New Residence Hall$0$27,000,000
C-218.50New Construction: Construct Hazardous Waste Facility$0$3,500,000
Virginia State University
C-219Improvements: Maintenance Reserve$5,829,000$3,669,000
C-220New Construction: Construct Student Village 240 Bed Residence Hall$3,648,000$0
C-222Improvements: Renovate Heating Plant$4,785,000$0
C-223Improvements: Renovate Singleton Hall$7,959,000$0
C-224New Construction: Construct Residence Halls$19,529,000$0
C-225Improvements: Renovate Howard Hall$7,620,000$0
C-226New Construction: Construct Dining Hall$7,925,000$0
C-227New Construction: Construct Demonstration Pavilion Annex$1,199,000$0
C-228Improvements: Renovate Lindsay-Montague Hall$2,501,000$0
C-229Acquisition: Acquire Ettrick Property Extension$1,003,000$2,619,000
C-231Improvements: Improve Handicapped Access$716,000$0
C-232.10Improvements: Energy Efficiency Project$500,000$500,000
C-232.20Language Only 
C-232.30Language Only 
C-232.55Improvements: Renovate Apartment Building$900,000$0
C-232.60Improvements: Renovate Agriculture/Engineering Building$800,000$0
C-232.65New Construction: Construct Two Residence Halls$26,253,000$0
C-232.70Improvements: Improve Student Housing$2,016,000$0
C-232.80Language Only 
C-232.90Improvements: Renovate Hunter McDaniel Hall$0$750,000
C-232.95New Construction: Parking Lot$3,000,000$0
C-232.96Improvements: Trinkle Hall$0$3,000,000
Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia
C-233New Construction: Construct Maintenance Facility$306,000$0
Gunston Hall
C-238New Construction: Construct Additions to Ann Mason Building$79,000$0
Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation
C-239Planning: Commemorative Monument for 2007$433,000$0
C-240New Construction: Replace James City Service Authority Sewer Pump Station$221,000$0
C-240.10Improvements: Parking, Infrastructure and Site Improvements$2,025,164$0
C-240.20Planning: Construct Yorktown Museum$0$1,590,000
The Science Museum of Virginia
C-241.10Language Only 
C-241.20New Construction: Belmont Bay Science Center, Potomac Science Lab$5,000,000$0
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
C-242Improvements: Expand and Renovate Museum$6,284,000$0
C-244Improvements: Replace Exterior Stairways of the 1970 and 1985 Buildings$625,000$0
C-244.05Improvements: Upgrade Fire Suppression System$2,000,000$0
Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center
C-244.10New Construction: Construct Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center Addition$310,000$0