2007 Session

Budget Bill - HB1650 (Chapter 847)

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First Year - FY2007Second Year - FY2008Totals

Office of Public Safety

Department of Forensic Science
C-264New Construction: Northern Virginia Forensic Laboratory$63,500,000$0
Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
C-265Maintenance Reserve$400,000$400,000
Department of Corrections
C-266Improvements: Upgrade Electrical Systems, Various Facilities$623,000$0
C-267Improvements: James River Correctional Center Segregation Building$401,000$0
C-269Improvements: Pocahontas Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade$831,000$0
C-270Improvements: Locking Systems and Cell Door Replacement$0
C-271Improvements: Steam and Water Line Repair and Replacement$337,000$0
C-272Improvements: Install and Upgrade Perimeter Detection Systems$500,000$500,000
C-273Improvements: Install Fire Safety Systems and Exits$562,000$0
C-274Improvements: Roof Repairs Systemwide$3,650,000$3,650,000
C-275New Construction: Construct New Bridge and Entrance Road at Bland$1,551,000$0
C-276Improvements: Upgrade Haynesville Wastewater Treatment Plant$1,868,000$0
C-277New Construction: Expand Deerfield Correctional Center$5,702,000$0
C-278Improvements: Remedy Environmental Deficiencies$1,156,000$0
C-279Language Only 
C-281Improvements: Upgrade Nottoway Wastewater Treatment Plant$4,200,000$0
C-283Improvements: Replace HVAC System in Powhatan Medical Building$1,976,000$0
C-284Improvements: Relocate Housing Unit Mechanical Rooms -- Deep Meadow$150,000$1,161,000
C-285New Construction: Complete Bland Visiting Facility$100,000$1,002,000
C-286Improvements: Construct Elevator at Marion Correctional Center$593,000$0
C-287New Construction: Construct Dormitory and Kitchen at Chesterfield$200,000$1,727,000
C-290.10Language Only 
C-290.20New Construction: Replace St. Brides$0$4,406,000
C-290.30New Construction: Construct Pump Station and Force Main$230,000$0
C-290.40New Construction: Medium Security Correctional Facility, Mount Rogers Planning District$0$99,000,000
Department of Emergency Management
C-291Language Only 
Department of Juvenile Justice
C-292Improvements: Security Upgrades$1,385,000$0
C-293Improvements: Repair HVAC Systems at Various Juvenile Corrections Centers$2,130,000$0
C-294Improvements: Renovate Beaumont Juvenile Correctional Center Cottages$750,000$0
C-295Improvements: Upgrade Reception and Diagnostic Center (Infirmary and School)$1,500,000$0
C-297Improvements: Upgrade Water Supply and Piping at Various Juvenile Correctional Centers$1,600,000$0
C-298New Construction: Replace Classroom Trailers at Beaumont
New Construction: Replace Classroom Trailers at Beaumont JCC
C-300Improvements: Upgrade Electrical Systems for Bon Air Cottages$700,000$0
Department of Military Affairs
C-301New Construction: Construct New Winchester Armory and Shop$13,782,000$0
Department of State Police
C-302Improvements: Renovate Administrative Headquarters (1939 Ed.) Building$200,000$2,495,000
C-302.05New Construction: Area 19 Office$0$275,000
Department of Veterans Services
C-302.10New Construction: Construct New Veterans' Care Center$3,624,000$0
C-302.20New Construction: Construct Southwest Virginia Veterans' Cemetery$608,000$0
C-302.30Language Only