2004 Session

Budget Bill - HB29 (Chapter 943)

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First Year - FY2003Second Year - FY2004Totals

Office of Administration

Department of General Services
C-1New Construction: Construct Parking Deck$0$7,600,000
C-1.05Improvements: Renovate James Monroe Building$428,284$0
C-1.10Improvements: Replace Capitol Square Water and Sewer Systems$282,859$0
C-1.15Improvements: Renovate General Assembly Building$671,973$0
C-1.30Improvements: Renovate Capitol Square
Improvements: Renovate State Capitol
C-1.35Improvements: Phase I Improvements at Seat of Government$0$3,848,000
C-1.40Improvements: Construct and Improve Capitol Square Utilities$0$2,036,000
C-1.45Improvements: Renovate and Expand Finance Building$0$26,284,000
C-1.50Improvements: Renovate Washington Building$0$15,759,000
C-1.60New Construction: Construct Southern Extension for Capitol$0$13,528,000
Department of Veterans' Affairs
C-2New Construction: Construct New Veterans' Care Center$0$14,750,000