2006 Special Session I

Budget Bill - HB5001 (Introduced)

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Part 3: Miscellaneous

3-1.01 Interfund Transfers
3-1.02 Not Set Out
3-1.03 Not Set Out
Working Capital Funds and Lines of Credit
3-2.01 Not Set Out
3-2.02 Not Set Out
3-2.03 Lines of Credit
General Fund Deposits
3-3.01 Not Set Out
3-3.02 Not Set Out
3-3.03 Not Set Out
3-3.04 Payments By the City of Norfolk
Auxiliary Enterprises in Institutions of Higher Education
3-4.01 Not Set Out
Adjustments and Modifications to Tax Collections
3-5.01 Not Set Out
3-5.02 Not Set Out
3-5.03 Not Set Out
3-5.04 Not Set Out
3-5.05 Not Set Out
3-5.06 Not Set Out
Adjustments and Modifications to Fees
3-6.01 Not Set Out
3-6.02 Not Set Out