2024 Session

Budget Bill - HB30 (Introduced)

Department of Wildlife Resources

Item 368

Item 368

First Year - FY2025Second Year - FY2026
Boating Safety and Regulation (62500)$8,895,885$8,895,885
Boat Registration and Titling (62501)FY2025 $2,727,895FY2026 $2,727,895
Boating Safety Information and Education (62502)FY2025 $732,805FY2026 $732,805
Enforcement of Boating Safety Laws and Regulations (62503)FY2025 $5,435,185FY2026 $5,435,185
Fund Sources:  
Dedicated Special RevenueFY2025 $6,776,106FY2026 $6,776,106
Federal TrustFY2025 $2,119,779FY2026 $2,119,779

Authority: Title 29.1, Chapters 7 and 8, Code of Virginia.

Notwithstanding § 29.1-113 of the Code of Virginia, access fees at boat ramps owned or managed by the Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) shall not be assessed prior to July 1, 2022, pending a study by DWR on the costs and benefits of such fees and the impact on recreational users in Virginia. As part of this study, the Department shall convene a stakeholder group for the purpose of developing and providing recommendations on access permit fees, various alternatives, and other issues related to the use and maintenance of Department-owned boat ramp facilities. The stakeholder work group shall be composed of representatives of registered boat owners, paddlecraft liveries, outdoor outfitters, environmental education providers, and other non-registered vessel recreational users of such boat ramps, or other affected parties the Department deems necessary. The work group shall consider mechanisms that will decrease the burden on outfitters, customers, education providers, and non-profit organizations; the usage of access fees to maintain or improve existing boat ramps and to add new boat ramps, paddlecraft launches, and public access points on Department-owned property; and alternative funding mechanisms and strategies that can increase access by economically disadvantaged users.