2021 2

Budget Bill - HB1800 (Introduced)

Item 320 Amendments

First Year - FY2021Second Year - FY2022
Committee Approved
320#1hHB 2230 Supportive Decision-Making Agreements$0$300,000
Floor Approved
320#1hHB 2230 Supportive Decision-Making Agreements$0$300,000
Conference Report
320#1cContinuation of Temporary Detention Order Evaluator Workgroup (Language Only)
320#2cWorkgroup to Evaluate Sharing of Behavioral Health Patient Records (Language Only)
320#3cModify Requirements for Drug Court Use of Long Acting Injectable Drug Treatment  (Language Only)
320#4cPreserving Historic Records at Central State Hospital  (Language Only)
320#5cRestore Funding for Pilot Programs for State Facility Census Reduction$0$3,750,000
320#6cCorrect Position Level (Language Only)
320#7cDevelop Options for Virginia Treatment Center for Children (Language Only)
320#8cEarly Psychosis Intervention and Coordinated Specialty Care (Language Only)
320#9cWorkgroup on Developmental Disability Waiver Waiting List and Provider Rates (Language Only)
320#10cSupportive Decision-Making Agreements$0$300,000