2010 Session

Budget Bill - HB30 (Chapter 874)

State Grants to Nonstate Entities-Nonstate Agencies

Item 491

Item 491

First Year - FY2011Second Year - FY2012
Financial Assistance for Educational, Cultural, Community, and Artistic Affairs (14300)$0$0

Authority:  Discretionary Inclusion.

A.  Grants provided for in this Item shall be administered by the Department of Historic Resources.  As determined by the department, projects of museums and historic sites, as provided for in § 10.1-2211, 10.1-2212, and 10.1-2213 of the Code of Virginia, shall be administered under the provisions of those sections.  Others listed in this Item shall be administered under the provisions of § 4-5.05 of this act.

B.  Prior to the distribution of any funds, the organization or entity shall make application to the department in a format prescribed by the department.  The application shall state whether grant funds provided under this item will be used for purposes of operating support or capital outlay and shall include project and spending plans.  Unless otherwise specified in this item, the matching share for grants funded from this Item may be cash or in-kind contributions as requested by the nonstate organization in its application for state grant funds, but must be concurrent with the grant period.  The department shall use applicable federal guidelines assessing the value and eligibility of in-kind contributions to be used as matching amounts.

C. Any balances not drawn down by recipient organizations on June 30,  2011, from appropriations in this item shall not revert to the general fund, but shall be carried forward on the books of the Comptroller.  These balances shall remain available for distribution to affected organizations until June 30,  2012, at which time any undistributed balances shall revert to the general fund, except that, in the case of organizations which have not filed an application to receive their appropriations by December 1,  2010, the Governor may direct that the undistributed balances be reverted to the general fund on that date.  The Governor shall report amounts reverted and the affected organizations in the 2011 Budget Bill.

D.  The appropriation to those entities in this Item that are marked with an asterisk (*) shall not be subject to the matching requirements of § 4-5.05 of this act. 

E.  Grants are hereby made to each of the following organizations and entities subject to the conditions set forth in paragraphs A., B., C. and D. of this Item: