2010 Session

Budget Bill - HB29 (Chapter 872)

Old Dominion University

Item 186

Item 186 (Not set out)

First Year - FY2009Second Year - FY2010
Higher Education Auxiliary Enterprises (80900)
     a sum sufficient, estimated at
Food Services (80910)FY2009 $2,788,724FY2010 $2,788,724
Bookstores and other Stores (80920)FY2009 $1,722,129FY2010 $1,722,129
Residential Services (80930)FY2009 $17,341,501FY2010 $21,002,629
Parking and Transportation Systems and Services (80940)FY2009 $7,028,100FY2010 $8,092,289
Telecommunications Systems and Services (80950)FY2009 $84,786FY2010 $84,786
Student Health Services (80960)FY2009 $1,310,877FY2010 $1,310,877
Student Unions and Recreational Facilities (80970)FY2009 $5,573,783FY2010 $6,063,868
Recreational and Intramural Programs (80980)FY2009 $1,314,889FY2010 $1,314,889
Other Enterprise Functions (80990)FY2009 $14,380,600FY2010 $15,666,663
Intercollegiate Athletics (80995)FY2009 $26,297,342FY2010 $29,213,370
Fund Sources:  
Higher Education OperatingFY2009 $59,392,743FY2010 $64,642,743
Debt ServiceFY2009 $18,449,988FY2010 $22,617,481

Authority: Title 23, Chapter 5.2, Code of Virginia.

Old Dominion University is authorized to establish a self-supporting "instructional enterprise" fund to account for the revenues and expenditures of TELETECHNET classes offered at locations outside the Commonwealth of Virginia. Consistent with the self-supporting concept of an "enterprise fund," student tuition and fee revenues for TELETECHNET students at locations outside Virginia shall exceed all direct and indirect costs of providing instruction to those students. Tuition and fee rates to meet this requirement shall be established by the University's Board of Visitors. Revenue and expenditures of the fund shall be accounted for in such a manner as to be auditable by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. Revenues in excess of expenditures shall be retained in the fund to support the entire TELETECHNET program. Full-time equivalent students generated through these programs shall be accounted for separately. Additionally, revenues which remain unexpended on the last day of the previous biennium and the last day of the first year of the current biennium shall be reappropriated and allotted for expenditure in the respective succeeding fiscal year.