2009 Session

Budget Bill - SB850 (Introduced)

Norfolk State University

Item C-46

Item C-46

A. Subject to the provision of this act, Norfolk State University is authorized to enter into a written agreement or agreements with the Norfolk State University Foundation (NSUF) / Enterprise & Empowerment Foundation of Norfolk State University (E2F) for the development of one or more student housing projects adjacent to campus, subject to the conditions outlined in the Public-Private Education Facilities Infrastructure Act of 2002.

B. Norfolk State University is further authorized to enter into written agreements with NSUF/E2F to support such student housing facilities; the support may include agreements to (i) include the student housing facilities in the university's student housing inventory; (ii) manage the operation and maintenance of the facilities, including collection of rental fees as if those students occupied university-owned housing; (iii) assign students to the facilities in preference to other university-owned facilities; (iv) otherwise support the student housing facilities consistent with law, provided that the university shall not be required to take any action that would constitute a breach of the university's obligations under any documents or other instruments constituting or securing bonds or other indebtedness of the university or the Commonwealth of Virginia.