2009 Session

Budget Bill - SB850 (Introduced)

Central Capital Outlay

Item C-177

Item C-177

First Year - FY2009Second Year - FY2010
Improvements: Supplemental Funding for Previously Authorized Capital Projects (17178)$39,405,000$0
Fund Sources:  
Bond ProceedsFY2009 $39,405,000FY2010 $0

A. Included in this Item is $39,405,000 the first year from the bond proceeds of the Virginia College Building Authority to provide funding to address the market escalation of construction costs associated with the following construction projects.

Agency / Institution

Project Code

Project Title

College of William and Mary


Renovate and Expand Small Hall

George Mason University


Construct Academic V

Old Dominion University


Construct Physical Science Building, Phase II

James Madison University


Construct Center for the Arts

University of Virginia – College at Wise


Renovate Science Building

University of Virginia – College at Wise


Renovate Smiddy Hall and Relocate Information Technology Building

University of Mary Washington


Renovate Monroe Hall

Old Dominion University


Renovate Hughes Hall

George Mason University


Fairfax Performing Arts Complex

Virginia Community College System, Virginia Western


Renovation of Claude Moore Education Complex Culinary Program Space at Roanoke Higher Education Center

George Mason University


Construct Academic VI and Research II

B. Funds provided in this Item shall be transferred to previously authorized capital projects to cover increased costs resulting from changes in prices for materials and construction.  The Director, Department of General Services, shall ensure that efforts have been made to secure supplemental funding from other sources, and to reduce the total scope and cost of the project to the extent practical while maintaining the programmatic intent of the project.  In addition, the Director, Department of General Services, shall not authorize allocations from the funding provided in this Item until all projects listed in this Item have been fully evaluated and amounts recommended for each project.  In determining appropriate allocation amounts, the Director, Department of General Services, shall give preference to those capital projects that have not previously received general fund supported supplements.

C. Upon certification by the Director, Department of General Services, that the requirements of paragraph B. have been met, the Director, Department of Planning and Budget, is authorized to transfer amounts from this Item to the projects listed in the preceding paragraph as required to address construction and other related unanticipated cost increases.

D. Projects receiving supplemental funding from this Item must be completed within the revised budget or otherwise reduced in scope. Institutions shall use nongeneral funds to bear any additional cost above the amounts certified by the Department of General Services.