2009 Session

Budget Bill - SB850 (Introduced)

Department of Fire Programs

Item 405

Item 405

First Year - FY2009Second Year - FY2010
Fire Training and Technical Support Services (74400)$6,876,413$6,876,413
Fire Services Management and Coordination (74401)FY2009 $2,025,158FY2010 $2,025,158
Virginia Fire Services Research (74402)FY2009 $355,000FY2010 $355,000
Fire Services Training and Professional Development (74403)FY2009 $3,197,253FY2010 $3,197,253
Technical Assistance and Consultation Services (74404)FY2009 $768,001FY2010 $768,001
Emergency Operational Response Services (74405)FY2009 $251,001FY2010 $251,001
Public Fire and Life Safety Educational Services (74406)FY2009 $280,000FY2010 $280,000
Fund Sources:  
SpecialFY2009 $6,876,413FY2010 $6,876,413

Authority: Title 9.1, Chapter 2 and § 38.2-401, Code of Virginia.

Notwithstanding the provisions of § 38.2-401, Code of Virginia, up to 25 percent of the revenue available from the Fire Programs Fund, after making the distributions set out in § 38.2-401 D, Code of Virginia, may be used by the Department of Fire Programs to pay for the administrative costs of all activities assigned to it by law.