2008 Session

Budget Bill - HB29 (Introduced)

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Department of Medical Assistance Services

Item 301

Item 301

First Year - FY2007Second Year - FY2008
Children's Health Insurance Program Delivery (44600)$82,938,843$99,871,436
Reimbursements for Medical Services Provided Under the Family Access to Medical Insurance Security Plan (44602)FY2007 $82,938,843FY2008 $99,871,436
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2007 $14,962,968FY2008 $20,862,022
Dedicated Special RevenueFY2007 $14,065,627FY2008 $14,065,627
Federal TrustFY2007 $53,910,248FY2008 $64,943,787

Authority: Title 32.1, Chapter 13, Code of Virginia.

A. Pursuant to Chapter 679, Acts of Assembly of 1997, the State Corporation Commission shall annually, on or before June 30, 1998, and each year thereafter, calculate the premium differential between: (i) 0.75 percent of the direct gross subscriber fee income derived from eligible contracts and (ii) the amount of license tax revenue generated pursuant to subdivision A 4 of § 58.1-2501 for the immediately preceding taxable year and notify the Comptroller of the Commonwealth to transfer such amounts to the Family Access to Medical Insurance Security Plan Trust Fund as established on the books of the Comptroller.

B. As a condition of this appropriation, revenues from the Family Access to Medical Insurance Security Plan Trust Fund, shall be used to match federal funds for the State Children's Health Insurance Program.

C. Every eligible applicant for health insurance as provided for in Title 32.1, Chapter 13, Code of Virginia, shall be enrolled and served in the program. To the extent that appropriations in this Item are insufficient, the Director, Department of Planning and Budget shall transfer general fund appropriations from Items302 and 306 into this Item, to be used as state match for federal Title XXI funds.

D. The Department of Medical Assistance Services shall have the authority to amend the Family Access to Medical Insurance Security Plan and related regulations to expand medical coverage to pregnant women who are over the age of 19 who are ineligible for Medicaid and have annual family income less than or equal to 185 percent of the Federal Poverty Level and to simplify the administration of the premium assistance program available to families with children eligible for FAMIS who have access to an employer-sponsored health insurance program.  The medical coverage period shall apply to a woman during her pregnancy and extend no longer than the end of the month in which her 60-day postpartum period ends.  Services provided during this coverage period shall include all services in the FAMIS State Plan with the exception of the Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment Program.  The department will continue to ensure the cost effectiveness of the premium assistance program.  The Department of Medical Assistance Services shall promulgate emergency regulations to implement this amendment within 280 days or less from the enactment date of this act.

E.  The Department of Medical Assistance Services shall review and evaluate State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) buy-in programs for children that are operating in other states, which allow families with income in excess of the state's Title XXI program eligibility limits to purchase health insurance for their children.  This review, including recommendations regarding the development of a SCHIP buy-in program in Virginia, shall be presented to the Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees, and the Joint Commission on Health Care by October 1, 2006.