2006 Special Session I

Budget Bill - HB5012 (Introduced)

Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Item 101

Item 101

First Year - FY2005Second Year - FY2006
Commerce and Agricultural Markets Development and Improvement (53200)$9,192,452$9,192,452
Agriculture Commodities and Products Standardization and Certification (53201)FY2005 $5,284,701FY2006 $5,284,701
Dairy Industry Regulation, Licensing, and Consultation (53204)FY2005 $755,801FY2006 $755,801
Marketing Research and Marketing Services (53205)FY2005 $503,514FY2006 $503,514
National and International Trade Services (53206)FY2005 $2,648,436FY2006 $2,648,436
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2005 $3,269,756FY2006 $3,269,756
SpecialFY2005 $20,000FY2006 $20,000
Trust and AgencyFY2005 $4,826,895FY2006 $4,826,895
Dedicated Special RevenueFY2005 $755,801FY2006 $755,801
Federal TrustFY2005 $320,000FY2006 $320,000

Authority: Title 3.1, Chapters 6, 9, 23, and 26; Title 61.1, Chapter 4, Code of Virginia.

Out of the amounts for National and International Trade Services, the Commissioner is authorized to expend from the general fund amounts not to exceed $25,000 the first year and $25,000 the second year for entertainment expenses commonly borne by businesses. Further, such expenses shall be recorded separately by the agency.