2006 Special Session I

Budget Bill - HB5001 (Introduced)

Department of Juvenile Justice

Item 440

Item 440 (Not set out)

First Year - FY2005Second Year - FY2006
Community-Based Custody (35000)$19,750,799$19,750,799
Community Residential Custody and Treatment Services (35002)FY2005 $4,548,426FY2006 $4,548,426
Community Non-Residential Custody and Treatment (35004)FY2005 $183,650FY2006 $183,650
Financial Assistance for Community Based Alternative Treatment Services (35007)FY2005 $15,018,723FY2006 $15,018,723
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2005 $19,218,786FY2006 $19,218,786
Federal TrustFY2005 $532,013FY2006 $532,013

Authority: §§ 16.1-246 through 16.1-258, 16.1-286, 16.1-291 through 16.1-295, 66-13, 66-14, 66-22 and 66-24, Code of Virginia.

A. Services funded out of this appropriation may include intensive supervision, day treatment, boot camp, and aftercare services, and should be integrated into existing services for juveniles.

B. Out of this appropriation $2,687,003 the first year and $2,687,003 the second year from the general fund shall be used to house in public or private facilities in Virginia juveniles committed to the custody of the Department pursuant to § 16.1-278.8 A 14, Code of Virginia. Before contracting for these beds, the Department of Juvenile Justice shall give consideration to the marginal cost impact on the public or private facilities, so the department may obtain additional beds at the lowest per diem cost possible.

C.1. The appropriation for Financial Assistance for Juvenile Confinement in Local Facilities includes $14,506,010 the first year and $14,506,010 the second year from the general fund for the implementation of the financial assistance provisions of the Juvenile Community Crime Control Act, §§ 16.1-309.2 through 16.1-309.10, Code of Virginia.

2. Notwithstanding the provisions of §§ 16.1-309.2 through 16.1-309.10, Code of Virginia, the Board of Juvenile Justice shall establish guidelines for use in determining the types of programs for which VJCCCA funding may be expended. The Department shall establish a format to receive biennial or annual requests for funding from localities, based on these guidelines. For each program requested, the plan shall document the need for the program, goals, and measurable objectives, and a budget for the proposed expenditure of these funds and any other resources to be committed by localities.

D. The Department shall provide annual reports to the Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees on the progress of Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act programs. The annual report shall address the requirements of § 16.1-309.3, Code of Virginia, as well as identifying the number of juveniles served, the average cost for residential and nonresidential services, the number of employees, and descriptions of the contracts entered into by localities, pursuant to §§ 16.1-309.2 through 16.1-309.10, Code of Virginia.

E. Notwithstanding the provisions of § 16.1-309.7 B of the Code of Virginia, or any other provision of law, any funds unexpended by the localities at the close of each fiscal year shall be returned to the state treasury.