2006 Special Session I

Budget Bill - HB5001 (Introduced)

Secretary of Health and Human Resources

Item 298

Item 298 (Not set out)

First Year - FY2005Second Year - FY2006
Administrative and Support Services (71900)$593,244$1,694,514
General Management and Direction (71901)FY2005 $593,244FY2006 $1,694,514
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2005 $588,454FY2006 $1,689,724
SpecialFY2005 $4,790FY2006 $4,790

Authority: Title 2.2, Chapter 2; Article 6, and § 2.2-201A, Code of Virginia.

A.  The Secretary of Health and Human Resources, in cooperation with the Bureau of Insurance in the State Corporation Commission, shall report on the availability of obstetrical services in the Commonwealth and identify any areas of the Commonwealth where there is inadequate access to such services. The report shall include information on (i) the factors contributing to inadequate access to services; (ii) the availability and affordability of malpractice insurance for obstetricians; (iii) any specific problems regarding access to obstetrical care for Medicaid and Family Access to Medical Insurance Security enrollees; and (iv) an assessment of the degree to which these factors may be contributing to the lack of access to obstetrical care in certain areas of the Commonwealth. The report shall make recommendations on actions that can be taken to improve access to obstetrical care throughout the Commonwealth. The Secretary shall provide the report to the Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees and the Joint Commission on Health Care by November 1, 2004.

B.  The Office of the Secretary of Health and Human Resources, with the assistance of the Governor's Olmstead Advisory Committee and the Department of Housing and Community Development, shall report to the Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees by November 1, 2005 on housing opportunities for persons with disabilities in Virginia.  The report shall include, but not be limited to, the number of individuals in need of housing, the various options for housing (e.g., congregate housing, supportive housing), the amount of subsidies for each option, if any, that would be required, and the financial resources (e.g., federal, local, private, and nonprofit) that would be available to the public agencies responsible for implementation.  The report shall also include relevant information on states that operate housing subsidy programs for persons with disabilities.

C.  The Secretary of Health and Human Resources, in coordination with the Commissioner of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services, shall examine the feasibility of Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act of 2002 (PPEA) proposals for the operation and maintenance of mental health facilities.  In examining the feasibility of such proposals, the Secretary shall solicit comments from an established state and community consensus and planning team for any existing facility impacted by such a proposal or proposals.  The feasibility study shall also examine how the proposal or proposals would address the provisions of § 37.2-316, Code of Virginia, which sets out a process for restructuring the system of mental health services involving existing state mental health hospitals including: (i) the development of a detailed implementation plan designed to build community mental health infrastructure for current and future capacity needs;  (ii) the resolution of employment issues related to state facility employee transition planning and appropriate transitional benefits, the availability of adequate staff in the affected communities, and specific strategies for transferring qualified state facility employees to community services in the event that a PPEA proposal includes a reduction of current staff; (iii) a six-year projection comparing the cost of the current structure; (iv) a plan for community education; (v) a plan for the implementation of required community services, including state-of-the-art practice models and any models required to meet the unique characteristics of the area to be served, which may include models for rural areas; and (vi) a plan for assuring the development and implementation of individualized discharge plans for persons leaving the facility.  The Secretary shall report on the feasibility of the use of PPEA proposals to the Governor and General Assembly by November 1, 2005.

D.  Out of this appropriation, $1,000,000 from the general fund the second year shall be used to expand statewide services provided through child advocacy centers.  The Secretary, with assistance from relevant Health and Human Resources agencies, shall develop a request for proposals to distribute one-third of the funding for each of the three categories of child advocacy centers including: (i) fully accredited members, (ii) associate centers, and (iii) other centers that are currently operating, developing, or exploring development based on standards set by the National Children's Alliance with input from the Children's Advocacy Centers of Virginia.