2006 Session

Budget Bill - HB30 (Introduced)

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Department of Transportation

Item C-319

Item C-319

First Year - FY2007Second Year - FY2008
New Construction: Construct Northern Virginia District Building and other Facilities (17086)$200,000$0
Fund Sources:  
Commonwealth TransportationFY2007 $200,000FY2008 $0

A. Subject to the final approval of the Governor, or his designee, the Department of Transportation shall negotiate on behalf of the Commonwealth an agreement or series of agreements with the County of Fairfax on the joint planning, design, and construction of facilities on the contiguous sites commonly referred to as Camp 30 which is bounded by Interstate Route 66, West Ox Road and the Fairfax County Parkway in Fairfax County. Upon consultation with the Department of General Services, Department of Treasury, the Attorney General's Office, and the Department of Planning and Budget, the joint efforts may in part result in an agreement on the financing and the construction of facilities that may be used by the Commonwealth, Fairfax County, and other governmental entities for the effective operations of the transportation infrastructure and related public safety operations in the region. Further, any agreement may also include provisions for the planning, design and construction of department facilities currently located on Camp 30 that must be relocated to facilitate the joint development. As part of such agreement, the department may sell portions of the Camp 30 site to Fairfax County, if such agreement would benefit the Commonwealth. Any facility construction required from this agreement may be accomplished through a capital lease agreement for a total project amount not to exceed $100,000,000.  Prior to acceptance of said space, assurances satisfactory to the Department of Transportation and the Governor shall be made indicating that the space is free from hazardous materials and conditions and that it is in compliance with applicable federal and state codes and standards.

B. This Item contains supplemental funding for the project to construct the Northern Virginia District office building and other facilities originally authorized in 2004 (Chapter 4, 2004 Acts of Assembly).  The total cost of the project with the supplement is $2,450,000.