2003 Session

Budget Bill - HB1400 (Introduced)

Department of Motor Vehicles

Item 482.10

Item 482.10

First Year - FY2003Second Year - FY2004
Executive Management (71300)-$10,664,645-$12,682,377
Savings From Management Actions (71301)FY2003 -$10,664,645FY2004 -$12,682,377
Fund Sources:  
Commonwealth TransportationFY2003 -$10,664,645FY2004 -$12,682,377

Authority: Discretionary Inclusion.

Included within these savings the actions taken to realize reductions in Item 480 are the consolidation at the Department of Taxation of the staffing and revenue forecasting processes for all of the Commonwealth Transportation Funds; the optimization of the telephone customer service units of both agencies; and the shift of the Personal Property Tax Relief Act responsibilities to the Department of Taxation. The Director of the Department of Planning and Budget may transfer the required number of positions from this agency to the Department of Taxation to effectuate these actions. Further, the Department of Motor Vehicles shall also reconsider the enhancement of truck weigh services to achieve the required savings. The Department of Motor Vehicles may identify savings from trust and agency sources.