2000 Session

Budget Bill - HB30 (Chapter 1073)

Item 4-3.02

Item 4-3.02


a. DEFICIT LOANS: A state agency incurring a deficit shall prepare a plan for the Governor's review and approval, specifying appropriate financial, administrative and management actions necessary to eliminate the deficit and to prevent future deficits. If the Governor approves the plan and authorizes a state agency to incur a deficit under the provisions of this section, the amount authorized shall be obtained by the agency by borrowing the authorized amount on such terms and from such sources as may be approved by the Governor and the State Treasurer. At the close of business on the last day of the current biennium, any unexpended balance of such loan shall be applied toward repayment of the loan, unless such action is contrary to the conditions of the loan approval. The Director, Department of Planning and Budget, shall set forth in the next biennium budget all such loans which require an appropriation for repayment. A copy of the approved plan to eliminate the deficit shall be transmitted to the Chairmen of the House Appropriations and the Senate Finance Committees on approval.


1. When the payment of authorized obligations for operating or capital expenses is required prior to the collection of nongeneral fund revenues or proceeds from authorized debt, any state agency may borrow from the state treasury the required sums with the prior written approval of the Secretary of Finance or his designee as to the amount, terms and sources of such funds; such loans shall not exceed the amount of the anticipated collections of such revenues or proceeds from authorized debt and shall be repaid only from such revenues or proceeds when collected.

2. Anticipation loans for operating expenses shall be in amounts not greater than the sum identified by the agency as the minimum amount required to meet the projected expenditures. The term of any anticipation loans granted for operating expenses shall not exceed twelve months.

3. Before an anticipation loan for a capital project is authorized, the agency shall develop a plan for financing such capital project; approval of the State Treasurer shall be obtained for all plans to incur authorized debt.

4. Anticipation loans for capital projects shall be in amounts not greater than the sum identified by the agency as required to meet the projected expenditures for the project within the current biennium.

5. To ensure that such loans are repaid as soon as practical and economical, the State Treasurer shall monitor the construction and expenditure schedules of all approved capital projects that will be paid for with proceeds from authorized debt and have anticipation loans.

6. The State Treasurer shall charge current market interest rates on anticipation loans made for capital projects subject to the following:

a) Anticipation loans for capital projects for which debt service will be paid with general fund appropriations shall be exempt from interest payments on borrowed balances.

b) Interest payments on anticipation loans for nongeneral fund capital projects shall be made from appropriated nongeneral fund revenues. Such interest shall not be paid with the funds from the anticipation loan or from the proceeds of authorized debt without the approval of the State Treasurer.