1999 Session

Budget Bill - HB1450 (Chapter 935)

Compensation Board

Item 75

Item 75

First Year - FY1999Second Year - FY2000
Revenue Administration Services (73200)$21,243,794
Financial Assistance to Local Treasurers (73202)FY1999 $21,243,794
FY2000 $21,331,626
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY1999 $21,243,794
FY2000 $21,331,626

Authority: Title 14.1 15.2, Chapter 1 16, Articles 7 2 and 8 6.1, Code of Virginia.

A.1. The annual salaries of treasurers, elected or appointed officers who hold the combined office of city treasurer and commissioner of the revenue, or elected or appointed officers who hold the combined office of county treasurer and commissioner of the revenue subject to the provisions of § 14.1-67 15.2-1636.17, Code of Virginia, shall be as hereinafter prescribed, based on the services provided, except as otherwise provided in § 14.1-62 15.2-1636.12, Code of Virginia.

July 1, 1998

December 1, 1998

December 1, 1999




November 30, 1998

November 30, 1999

June 30, 2000

Less than 10,000





10,000 to 19,999






























250,000 and above





2. Provided, however, that in cities having a treasurer who neither collects nor disburses local taxes or revenue or who distributes local revenues but does not collect the same, such salaries shall be seventy-five percent of the salary prescribed above for the population range in which the city falls except that in no case shall any such treasurer, or any officer whether elected or appointed, who holds that combined office of city treasurer and commissioner of the revenue, receive an increase in salary less than the annual percentage increase provided from state funds to any other treasurer, within the same population range, who was at the maximum prescribed salary in effect for the fiscal year 1979-80.

3. Whenever a treasurer is such for two or more cities or for a county and city together, the aggregate population of such political subdivisions shall be the population for the purpose of arriving at the salary of such treasurer under the provisions of this Item.

B. There is hereby reappropriated the unexpended balance remaining in this program on June 30, 1998, and June 30, 1999.

C.1. The Compensation Board shall develop minimum criteria for a career development program for treasurers and deputy treasurers. The criteria for the program shall address the selection process, minimum length of service, job, performance, certification, formal education, and any other matters deemed relevant by the Compensation Board.

2. The program shall require any treasurer who desires to participate in it to certify to the Compensation Board that the career development plan in effect in his office meets the minimum criteria for such plans as set by the Compensation Board and that his office also has a pay-for-performance plan that meets the minimum criteria established by the Compensation Board for such plans.

3. The Compensation Board shall submit the Treasurers and Deputy Treasurers Career Development Program to the Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees no later than November 15, 1999. The Compensation Board shall include in the report the estimated cost of increasing the salaries of program participants by one Compensation Board pay grade and recommendations regarding the proportion of deputies in each office that would be eligible for participation in the program.