2013 Session

Budget Amendments - HB1500 (Conference Report)

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Corrections Special Reserve Fund

Item 389 #3c

Item 389 #3c

First Year - FY2013 Second Year - FY2014
Public Safety
Corrections, Department of FY2013 $0 FY2014 ($387,895) GF

Page 341, line 18, strike "$94,276,988" and insert "$93,889,093".
Page 343, line 39, strike "$1,924,661" and insert "$1,536,766".
Page 343, strike lines 44 through 46.
Page 344, strike lines 1 through 17 and insert:
"1.  House Bill 1559 and Senate Bill 1272:  To increase the penalties for any subsequent drunken driving conviction following any previous felony related to drunken driving -- $50,000.
2.  House Bill 1606 and Senate Bill 1015:  To increase the penalties for the solicitation of a minor for prostitution -- $50,000.
3.  House Bill 1682 and Senate Bill 706:  To increase the penalties for the financial exploitation of mentally incapacitated persons -- $50,000.
4.  House Bill 1684 and Senate Bill 1010:  To increase the penalties for identity theft -- $30,152.
5.  House Bill 1746 and Senate Bill 1214:  To expand the list of violent crimes for which offenders receive sentence enhancements -- $50,000.
6.  House Bill 1783 and Senate Bill 1017:  To increase the penalties for possession with intent to distribute contraband cigarettes -- $50,000.
7.  House Bill 1816:  To prohibit the presence of any child or incapacitated person where methamphetamine is being manufactured or is attempted to be manufactured -- $50,000.
8.  House Bill 1820 and Senate Bill 1018:  To increase the penalties for the possession, transport, or sale of unstamped cigarettes -- $50,000.
9.  House Bill 1847 and Senate Bill 1205:  To expand the list of "predicate offenses" that are used to define criminal gang activity -- $574,916.
10.  House Bill 1850:  To prohibit the assault and battery of any person employed by a local or regional jail and involved in the care, treatment, or supervision of inmates -- $50,000.
11.  House Bill 1862 and Senate Bill 1032:  To require offenders, convicted of sex offenses under statutes with different Code section numbers prior to their recodification to register as sex offenders -- $50,000.
12.  House Bill 1927:  To prohibit the assault and battery of any emergency medical services personnel -- $50,000.
13.  House Bill 1941 and Senate Bill 1083:  To penalize and prohibit the production of synthetic cannabinoids and certain research chemicals -- $50,000.
14.  House Bill 1955:  To increase the penalties associated with second and subsequent convictions of impersonating an law-enforcement officer -- $4,048.
15.  House Bill 2065 and Senate Bill 1033:  To conform the penalties for offenses by juveniles committed in juvenile correctional centers to penalties for similar offenses committed by adults in prisons -- $50,000.
16.  House Bill 2211:  To increase the penalties associated with a second conviction for stalking within five years -- $23,197.
17.  House Bill 2269 and Senate Bill 832:  To require that mandatory minimum sentences be served consecutively -- $50,000.
18.  Senate Bill 811:  To prohibit the filing of fraudulent liens or encumbrances against public employees -- $50,000.
19.  Senate Bill 853:  To prohibit the assault and battery of magistrates -- $7,680.
20.  Senate Bill 1019:  To increase the penalties for the distribution or possession with intent to distribute counterfeit cigarettes -- $50,000.
21.  Senate Bill 1020:  To add possession with intent to distribute tax-paid contraband cigarettes as a qualifying offense under the Virginia Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act -- $50,000.
22.  Senate Bill 1378:  To increase the penalties for the sale, transfer, gift, or exchange of a firearm to any person he knows is prohibited from possessing or transporting a firearm under Virginia law -- $46,773."

(This amendment reduces the total deposit into the Corrections Special Reserve Fund by $387,895 from the general fund the second year. With this amendment, the total deposit is reduced from $1,924,661 in the budget as introduced, to $1,536,766. This deposit, as adjusted, is associated with legislation, as adopted by the 2013 General Assembly, to increase criminal penalties or create new criminal penalties, as required by § 30-19.1:4, Code of Virginia. These amounts are paid into the Corrections Special Reserve Fund to account for the expected number of additional beds in the Department of Corrections required to house additional offenders. A companion amendment to Item 388 utilizes these funds to support the early opening of the River North Correctional Center in Grayson County in October 2013.)