2012 Special Session I

Budget Amendments - HB1301 (Conference Report)

Capital Project Pool

Item C-38.10 #1c

Item C-38.10 #1c

First Year - FY2013 Second Year - FY2014
Central Appropriations
Central Capital Outlay FY2013 $19,500,000 FY2014 $0 GF
FY2013 $83,654,056 FY2014 $0 NGF

Page 382, after line 10, insert:
"A.1. The capital projects in paragraph B. of this item are hereby authorized and may be financed in whole or in part through bonds of the Virginia College Building Authority pursuant to § 23-30.24 et seq., Code of Virginia, or the Virginia Public Building Authority pursuant to § 2.2-2263, Code of Virginia. Bonds of the Virginia College Building Authority issued to finance these projects may be sold and issued under the 21st Century College Program at the same time with other obligations of the Authority as separate issues or as a combined issue. The aggregate principle amounts will not exceed $73,368,856 plus amounts to fund related issuance costs, and other financing expenses, in accordance with § 2.2-2263 of the Code of Virginia.
2. From the list of projects included in paragraph B of this item, the Director of the Department of Planning and Budget shall provide the Chairmen of the Virginia College Building Authority and the Virginia Public Building Authority with the specific projects, as well as the amounts for these projects, to be financed by each authority within the dollar limit established by this authorization.
3. Debt service on the projects contained in this item shall be provided from appropriations to the Treasury Board.
4. The appropriations for said capital projects are contained in this item and are subject to the conditions in § 2-0 F of this act.
B. The General Assembly hereby appropriates $19,500,000 from the general fund and $10,285,200 from nongeneral fund sources in the first year for the projects listed in this section.

Project Title
Department of Conservation and RecreationRepairs and Upgrades to State Park Owned Dams
Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation CenterRoof Replacement Birdsall-Hoover Medical Administration Building 805
Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation CenterAsbestos Abatement, Phase 4 of 4
Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation CenterImplement ADA Compliance Measures -
Campus Wide
Virginia Museum of Fine ArtsReplace Roof 1985 Addition
Department for the Blind and Vision
Replace Roof on Library Resource Center
Department of CorrectionsReplace Mechanical Systems Baskerville
Department of CorrectionsReplace Plumbing Systems Baskerville
Department of CorrectionsRoof Replacement  Keen Mountain
Department of CorrectionsRoof Replacement  Lawrenceville
Department of CorrectionsHVAC Replacement  Lawrenceville
Department of General ServicesRenovate Consolidated Labs
Department of General ServicesCapital Projects Space Improvement for
Dept. of Conservation and Recreation
Department of General ServicesMonroe Building Exterior Repairs and
Jefferson Building Window Replacement
Department of Veterans ServicesVirginia War Memorial / DVS Offices and Parking
Jamestown-Yorktown FoundationYorktown Outside Areas, Signage and
Jamestown-Yorktown FoundationRoad Wall and Sound Buffer
Roanoke Higher Education AuthorityWaterproof Building
Virginia Museum of Fine ArtsReplace Roof 1985 Addition
Virginia School for the Deaf and BlindInstall Sprinklers in Byrd Hall
Virginia School for the Deaf and BlindImprove Campus Security, ADA and
Other Regulatory Compliance
Virginia Workers' Compensation CommissionAcquire New Headquarters Building
College of William and MaryConstruct Cooling Plant and Replace Utilities, Phase IV
College of William and MaryRenovate the Brafferton and Brafferton Kitchen
College of William and MaryImprove Accessibility Infrastructure
College of William and MaryImprove Lake Matoaka Dam Spillway
College of William and MaryImprove Campus Stormwater
Longwood UniversityNew Biomass Boiler
Longwood UniversityReplace Willett Hall HVAC
George Mason UniversityHylton Center
Old Dominion UniversityReplace Mechanical Systems in the
Oceanography and Physics Building
Virginia TechAddress Fire Alarm Systems and Access
University of Mary WashingtonImprove Stormwater Management
James Madison UniversityReplace Boiler  & Infrastructure - Phase 2
James Madison UniversityNewman Lake Dam Repair
Richard Bland UniversityUmbrella Maintenance Project
University of Virginia at WiseDam Safety Modifications".

"C-38.10 Capital Outlay Project Pool
Fund Sources: General
Dedicated Special Revenue
Bond Proceeds

(This amendment provides $19.5 million of general fund, $73.4 million from bonds and $10.3 million from nongeneral funds to execute 37 capital outlay projects.)